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Tammy Workman-Lopez MBA/HCM, LMT, CHT

Tammy Workman-Lopez MBA/HCM, LMT, CHT
Contact Information

Tammy Workman-Lopez MBA/HCM, LMT, CHT
Sparks Hope LLC - HypnoCoaching & Wellness (Virtual Sessions)
United States of America

Additional Information: Sessions are virtual - available nationally and internationally. If other times are need text request to my cell 954-657-3407

Opening Hours
Monday07:00 - 17:00
Tuesday07:00 - 17:00
Wednesday07:00 - 17:00
Thursday07:00 - 17:00
Friday07:00 - 17:00
Therapist Details
Web Site:

www.SparksHope.Life/ (External Link)


@CoachTammyStar1 (External Link)

Since 2000
Specialist Areas:
  • Https://www.sparkshope.life/break-through
  • Involved for over two decades in Florida with:
  • Counseling
  • Life Coaching
  • Goal Accountability
  • Community Liaison
  • Child & Teen Advocate
  • Community Outreach Coordinator
  • Fundraisers
  • Statewide Sibling Camps
  • Language Research and Testing
  • Career Counselor, Employment Prep, Job Placement & Life Skills Support
  • Trauma and Case Management
  • Many years of hands-on community experience, hypnosis, EFT, NLP and coaching

Sessions Provided:

  • Telephone Sessions
  • Online Sessions
  • Group Sessions


  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Adults


  • English


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About Tammy

Tammy (Tammy@SparksHope.Life) offers permanent solutions for:

Youth Development, Behavioral Healing, Emotional Trauma and Social Situational Therapy

Smoking Cessation - She has a flawless track record in helping people quit!

Weight Loss, Lifestyle Management and Emotional Eating-Feel & Look Your Best

Phasing Out Stage Fright, Improving Confidence, Self-esteem & Stage Presence, Tweaking Public Speaking

Fears and Phobias

Resolving Emotional Trauma-Allowing You to Permanently Erase the Cause of:



Bipolar Disorder

Peer and Social Difficulties

Social / Behavioral Adjustments inside and Outside the Home

Failing Relationships

Sexual Trauma

COSR (Combat Operational Stress Reaction)

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

ASR (Acute Stress Reaction)


Youth and Adult Coaching, Goal Setting and Organization

Fearless Test Taking, Maximum Concentration, Effective Study Habits, & Flawless Memory Retention

Nail Biting, Tics, Snoring and Other Bad Habits of a non-Emotional nature

Much More

Practising Since: 2000
My Experience

Tammy Workman-Lopez is a wonderful Author, Speaker & National/International Virtual Mindset & Wellness Coach. She specializes in helping people, especially women, who have negative thinking that is blocking them due to overwhelm and stress.  She will work with you to create an action plan, and find what limiting beliefs and negative thinking is interfering with your health, attaining healthy relationships or the follow-through your need to propel their career or business. 

Tammy always reaches out to support others in seeing the amazing gifts they are. She has endured so many trials. Much of what her clients struggle with she has been through herself. The empathy this woman has is beyond the average. She cares and loves like a friend and advocates and coaches like a kick-butt leader!


As a bonus, she is even currently offering a Bonus 30min Breakthrough Call for only $27.99, just to educate, review what are some great tools and next steps to leave every caller in a better place. She adores God and puts him first, yet is willing to admit she's got flaws she is working on and always pushing to the next level herself. She is so worth getting to know.


She also offers a free fun and private "Freedom From Negative Thinking" FB Group (TinyURL.com/CreateEase).  Join today and #LetsTakeOutThatMindTrash, #SparksHope, learn how all #EmotionsAreGood and begin to Rethink, Revive, Rejoice!  #CoachTammyStar


Tammy Workman-Lopez provides strategic techniques, skill development, and brand-new awareness to individuals, couples, families, and small businesses with self-doubt, limiting beliefs, negative thinking or unknown blocks. 


· Retraining the mind to heal from imposter syndrome and perfectionism

· Offering personal life and educational experience, as well as extensive personal development training to help save clients time, money, and frustration

· Developing confidence, intuition, originality, owning your worth, and stepping into your purpose

· Offer techniques to help manage stress and priorities

· Defining core values & levels of trust

· Negative thinking awareness & retraining

· Retraining the mind to overcome fear, anxiety and addiction

· Creating action plans with implementation accountability

· Creating tools to measure and keep in check balance of life and work harmony

· Training and implementing conflict resolution techniques; including setting healthy boundaries with self & others, until desired results are achieved

· Individual, family, and group sessions available.

· Public speaking on multiple topics to remove negative thinking, limiting beliefs, anxiety, old stories, etc so the mind can create wellness.



· Established in 2012, providing wellness through massage, weight loss & lifestyle change, hypnotherapy, and life coaching to adults and adolescents.

· Over 1,300 hours of training  & Continuing Education Unis

· Focus on practical tips that are easily executed for profound results

· Certified Life Coach

· Accessibility by offering virtual sessions to creating a safe space for her clients to go deeper into their thought processes.


· Over 2,000 hours working with clients towards wellness

· Led hundreds of seminars & speaking engagements on ways to release negative thinking & anxiety, improve communication skills, and shift into a new life-changing perspective

· 98% successfully graduate from the program and return for future maintenance support and 100% refer friends, family, and colleagues.

· Public speaking on multiple topics to remove negative thinking, limiting beliefs, anxiety, old stories, etc so the mind can create wellness.

Professional Body Memberships
Training & Qualifications

HMI, Gerald Kein Advanced, Cal Banyan Advanced, NLP Masters - Steve Jones, MBA/HCM, Landmark Education, TLC, Masters LP PhD Summit Education, Future Point, and Youth Development employment, advocacy, and life skills (statewide)

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  • Packages availble - call/text to discuss which is best for you 954-657-3407
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