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Hypnotherapists in Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom

The practitioners listed below provide personal hypnotherapy sessions. For site-related or ordering queries, please contact Hypnotic World here.

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Shirley McLean Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist/EFT Practitioner/NLP
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Shirley McLeanAdvanced Clinical Hypnotherapist/EFT Practitioner/NLP
40 Longfield Centre, Manchester, M25 1AY, Manchester, United Kingdom
Kam Laing Cert. Hyp. CS
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Kam LaingCert. Hyp. CS
0161 4250404
Royal Exchange, Manchester, M2 7PE, Manchester, United Kingdom
June Williams PhD, GHR
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June WilliamsPhD, GHR
27 Wellington Road, Manchester, M16 8EX, Manchester, United Kingdom
Mimi Twaijri MA, MSc, PhD, GMBPsS, DSFH, HPD, MAfSFH (Reg), MNCH (Reg), CNHC (Reg)
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Mimi TwaijriMA, MSc, PhD, GMBPsS, DSFH, HPD, MAfSFH (Reg), MNCH (Reg), CNHC (Reg)
Royal Exchange Building, Manchester, M2 7PE, Manchester, United Kingdom
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