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Hypno-Teaser Crossword

Welcome to Hypno-Teaser

Hypno-Teaser is Hypnotic World's latest addition to the site.  We have been busy compiling Hypnotic crosswords, Jokes and General Knowledge Questions which will be published shortly - just to remind us all that there is a lighter side to hypnotherapy.

Crossword Number 001

Test Your Hypnotic Knowledge with  Hypnotic World's First Ever Cryptic Crossword

We'd value your feedback as this is our first attempt at a cryptic crossword.  Please let us know if this is too easy/too difficult to understand. 

Email faith@hypnoticworld.com

Answers to Crossword Number 001

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Clues Across

1.  When Tom rises you may need to hold back. (6)

4.  I spy this small company in the middle of esso - but would I help someone suffering from this? (8)

9.  Part of train suffered from this headless puma. (6)

10. He can't remember his name is Ac.(8)

12. If your client hurts he may shout whilst lying here without a head.(4)

13. Hypnosis is practised in this eastern country too.(5)

14. Can a wager be a brainwave?(4)

17. You may need to do home visits for these clients.(12)

20. Didn't lose their Single Mindedness. (5-7)

23. Never admit to this - You could mix up the end.(4)

24. Get rid of unwanted feelings.  They could be, for example, a mixed set.(5)

25. A spirited entity from the Middle East?(4)

28. Hypnotized? Able to, but not outer with this number.(2-6)

29. Father of hypnotism before it was known as such? (6)

30. An historic William relates into becoming the story - I do the same with a metaphor (4-4).

31. Red Ron just goes on and on - but he is hypnotic as well. (6).

Clues Down

1.  Thinking logically?  This and trio must be mixed up.(8)

2.  Don't get flustered if your client seems cold.(4-4)

3.  We're all alike when sewn up.(3)

5.  One of the walking dead? (12)

6.  Clients who wish to improve their snooker playing will use these. (4)

7.  Encopresis?  The child lied so when he did this.(6)

8.  Not a very friendly phobia.(6)

11. The way to reason round in a mixed up way.(12)

15. Olfactory?  I sensed this. (5)

16. Kind of sweet, which angle would you use to solve this type of pain? (5)

18. He is no longer repressed. (5-3)

19. Accelerated Learning may help you to become this. (8)

21. Compulsive?  Found in a bad dictionary. (6)

22. Implant remains tilted

26. Either type of regression will take you there. (4)

27. Not quite a phobia. (4)



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