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Weight Loss: Control Room Hypnosis Script

Weight Loss: Control Room
Money-Back Guarantee
Weight Loss: Control Room

Has your client tried diets and they didn't work - going to the gym or exercising without it helping them lose those unwanted pounds? What now? Are they stuck with their weight problem?

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Believe it or not, hypnosis can help people to lose weight - and with far less effort than conventional methods.

How Hypnosis Helps

You're probably aware of the phrase "All in the Mind" - sometimes this is exactly the issue. As humans, we are sometimes quite stubborn and suffer from rigid thought patterns. However, if your client steps outside the box, they may be able to see solutions that hadn't occurred to them before.

The subconscious mind is responsible for governing all automated reflexes and responses. The mind runs the body - it controls our heartbeat, breathing, muscles movements, imagination, emotions, memories and so much more. The mind is responsible for regulating our hormones, metabolism and - wait for it - the way in which we think about food. Anyone who has ever been on a diet will testify that they are constantly thinking about their next meal or how many calories or points are involved. People who have used hypnosis to help them to lose weight find those thoughts no longer present.

So the mind can not only control one's thinking about food (and exercise) - it can also regulate those hormones and your metabolism and help your client to shed those unwanted pounds much easier and more effortlessly.

The Weight Loss: Control Room Hypnosis Script can help your client to gain control over all aspects of their weight program.

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Weight Loss: Control Room Hypnosis Script
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Member Testimonials
"Got this script recently. I have had fabulous success with it. My clients love it because it puts the power over their difficulties in their own hands. They no longer feel helpless in the face of eating difficulties. One client has lost 64 lbs after only 3 sessions. Her life is so wonderful. She smiles constantly and sends me many clients who see what hypnosis has done for her."
Beverrly MasonVerified Customer
Oct 27th, 2016
"I'm trying this on myself first. Loved just reading it and imagining the client in me enjoying the visual movement and the results!"
Cynthia Cuttino EdwardsVerified Customer
Oct 27th, 2016
Hypnotic World Customer Reviews
"Absolutely fantastic support and customer service. Highly recommend Hypnotic World to any professional hypnotherapist."
"I have used Hypnotic World since 2005 and have always found it to be VERY useful indeed. Faith is the best Regards Ray"
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Weight Loss: Control Room MP3
Weight Loss: Control Room MP3

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