Woman on mountain (Photo by © kevron2001 -

Imagine with me that it is a beautiful spring sunny day - the warm sun shines down on you - making you feel comfortable.

And we are going on a path up a mountain. Imagine the path now, gradually ascending this gentle slope. Perhaps you can let yourself really feel that you're going higher and higher, into the mountain of peace.

Look around you now. Yes, just pause there for a moment, and notice a soft breeze blowing on your skin and on your hair. You are quite high up the mountain and you have a wonderful view below, and across - you can see for miles and miles around. Here and there you may come across a rabbit or a few mountain sheep or goats. They live peacefully up here; you continue your journey up the mountain.

As you go higher, so the mountain becomes a little steeper and in places the path narrows. Gorse bushes border your path in places, and mountain flowers peep out to greet you. You can see another mountain which looks so close that you almost feel you could walk over to it; but in reality you know it's far too far away.

As you climb higher and higher, ascending up the mountain, you eventually reach a plateau where you stop to rest. Just pause there, rest a while, relax, and take in the beautiful view.

Looking down the mountain you can see how far you've come. You've come a very long way, up a mountain path that was, at times, difficult, at other times easy, but you continued. And you can continue now until you reach the summit. I'm going to be silent for a few moments to allow for you to reach the summit. Go closer now towards your goal.

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