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Jigsaw puzzle (Photo by © somchaij - stock.adobe.com)

The following information is designed to set off the process of visualization and lead your client into an awareness of any unresolved issues of the moment.

It works well for people who feel that something is wrong in their life but cannot pinpoint exactly what it is.

Begin by asking your client to visualize a common, everyday object and ask him questions about what the object is.

The colors of the given response indicate areas of concern.

The following is an example of how this works.

As the client is sitting comfortably. Therapist says:

I am going to test the power of your imagination whilst you are nice and relaxed.

I want you to imagine that you can see a vase of flowers.

Just imagine the vase of flowers sitting on the table over there; close your eyes to help your imagination along and then picture it clearly in your mind's eye.

Now tell me, what color is that vase?

What is it made from?

What sort of flowers are there in the vase? What colors are they?

What do they smell like?

How do they feel?

As you ask each question, pause long enough for a reply. Then continue with:

Now imagine yourself sitting upright in the chair and picture a small table standing in front of you.

On that table are several different colored and different shaped containers; there are red, blue, yellow and green; some containers are square, box like, some cylindrical.

Inside each one of these containers is a separate set of jigsaw puzzles.

Nod your head when you can see yourself, sitting at the table, with the different colored containers. Good.

Now I want you to choose just one of these containers - any color and shape that you prefer - and take out the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle onto the table.

Notice how there is no picture on the lid of the container so I have no idea what the picture will eventually be - and neither have you at this stage.

But it will be a picture of a scene or an incident that is closely connected to your present problem.

Your subconscious mind knows exactly which pieces it is looking for, and will help you to fit those pieces together so that you can see what the picture is.

So start now, putting the jigsaw together - a piece here - a piece there.

And you can do it so much quicker in this relaxed state - much quicker than you would normally do - and when you wake up in a few moments you will be able to tell me exactly what you saw in the picture as it began to build up.

At this stage, pause for about five minutes to allow the picture to come together in your client's mind, before counting him out of hypnosis.

If dialogue is not forthcoming, ask the client to describe what he saw, ask if there were people, children, clothes, animals, places, etc.

Find out what was happening in the picture or what people are thinking about.

Most people should have been able to visualize something which will describe their inner-mental state - whether in actual or symbolic form.

Sometimes there are pieces still missing or the revelation may cause surprise or even abreaction.

If the subject becomes upset then you can ask him to break up the jigsaw and put the pieces back into the box until he's ready to re-examine them.

By noting the colors of the shapes that your client has mentally selected you could take the following list as an indicator or some underlying emotion which the subconscious mind has brought up.

Red would symbolize unconscious dangers, fears and phobias or aggressive sexual conflict.

Green is generally taken to indicate jealousy or sibling rivalry.

Yellow is a sign of cowardice or feelings of inadequacy but it can also symbolize optimism.

Blue is a sign of coldness or lack of feeling.

White indicates purity.

Purple is a mystical color and is often prevalent in hypnotic states.

Black is a symbol of despair and gloom.

Pink reflects sensitivity and the feminine side of one's personality.

These color interpretations are a rough guide only. The best way to interpret a color is to find out what it means to the person involved.

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