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Forest Walk - Visualization

Forest Walk - Visualization Script

Forest Walk - Visualization
It's a very peaceful life here in this ... Read more
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Visualize yourself now in a beautiful forest. It's a crisp Autumn day and the dappling sun reflects upon a gurgling stream that runs along the edge of the forest.

You tread carefully into the forest, over the crackling red and gold and yellow leaves and broken twigs; pine cones are scattered across the ground - a squirrel runs up a tree - you watch the speed with which it moves, swiftly up and through the branches - followed by a grey, bushy tail - until you lose sight of it.

It's a very peaceful life here in this forest, you notice clusters of woodland flowers and soft green moss growing on the fallen tree trunks. And the deeper into the forest you venture, the deeper into relaxation you fall - you're falling deeply now into a calm and tranquil feeling.

Watch a leaf falling from a tree, as it dances and twirls in the air, before fluttering slowly down to rest with the others. You pause for a while and rest against an old oak tree.

You can feel the rough bark of the tree against your fingertips - smell the earthy ground and soft leaf mould - fairy rings of toadstools or mushrooms scattered here and there, and even as you're resting here against the rough bark of the tree, you can feel a deep sense of peacefulness in this beautiful place.

And this deep sense of peacefulness is growing and developing within you - it's growing stronger and stronger each and every day. Each and every day, you are growing stronger and stronger - as strong as an old oak tree, stronger and stronger each and every day.

And it's a beautiful day - the forest is so inviting that you feel you'd like to venture further - and you go deeper than you've ever been before - leaving the old oak tree far behind, you follow the half-trodden path deeper into the forest.

There is a little birdsong here and there in the forest and you listen carefully to different tunes - how they seem to respond harmoniously to each other - and now and again a cuckoo calls in the distance - and as you approach a small clearing, you can see the sunlight dappling down on grass, and the wildflowers with colors so beautiful that you are overwhelmed with the natural beauty surrounding you.

And you can hear a soft, gentle breeze sighing in the upper branches of the trees that surround the clearing, and the occasional creak of branches rubbing together.

Amidst the birdsong and wildlife and creaking of branches, you sense deep inside you a peaceful feeling of calm and quiet. And you take into yourself this quiet calm and peaceful feeling.

Experience it now - this quiet, calm and peaceful feeling. Just see how good it makes you feel.

Right now, nothing else matters to you, except this quiet, calm and peaceful feeling. And I want you to know right now that there's nothing of any importance for you to do.

Nobody wants anything, nobody expects anything, there's absolutely nothing at all for you to do, except relax, and enjoy these wonderful, calm and peaceful feelings - so quiet - relaxed - so peaceful.

Feel the stillness and beauty of this place - let it soak into you - and as you absorb all the stillness and beauty you can feel all tension, anxiety, fears and stress just drain away - just easing away from you - draining out of you as though it were all so far away - far away. Feel yourself relaxing more and more as you go deeper into hypnosis.

You feel at one with the forest and the stream and the birds and the wildlife - and the peacefulness of this wonderful place - as you let all the stresses just drain away from you - becoming more at peace, more relaxed, developing an inner harmony deep within you.

And if you wish to go further, then come with me - for the deeper into the forest you go, the more comfortable and the more relaxed you become. You may begin to sense that something very special is about to happen - for there should always be that expectation - that something good is going to occur.

A journey deep within, where answers to any problems that have been troubling you can be found - or simply a place to let go and relax and take stock of a situation - to let go of all problems that have been spoiling your life and renew your spiritual energies.

Pass through the clearing now back into the forest where now it becomes slightly cooler in temperature and denser in trees. But know that you are safe and that I am with you - and you will hear every word that I say - and you will only ever go as deep as you wish to go.

So let your imagination have full rein now - follow the path to your heart.

You may be surprised to see badgers or other wild animals here and there - and if you wish to, you can pause for as long as you want and take in the beautiful scene.

The trees seem to reach up to the sky. Tall and narrow now and we come to a slope going down - and there are the steps!! Five steps, going deeper into the forest - just five simple steps down.

Come with me as I count - five - four - three - two - one - zero. And you've reached an even deeper level of hypnosis where your subconscious mind knows all there is to know.

As you reach the deeper level, I want you to wait. Just wait - for a very special person lives down here.

See the tree in front of you - its, thick, brown trunk with a hollow cut into it. Just wait and see - someone is coming out of the hollow - holding outstretched arms to you - and this may be someone that you recognize or someone new - but what you know is that this person holds the answer to a question that you'd like to ask.

I want you to think carefully about this question, for there is only one. And your friend is holding your hands and asks you if you have a question. Nod your head when that question is in your mind.

Wait for nod.

Good - now ask your question, and listen carefully to the answer that you are given.

I'm going to be quiet for a few moments to allow you to pay full attention to the answer you receive.

And know that your answer may come in the form of words or pictures, feelings or sounds, or it may be symbolic - but you will instinctively know the answer for what it is.

Pause for 3 minutes.

Okay, now say goodbye and thank you to your friend and you know that you can return here, any time you wish. Any time you wish, you can come back here, all with the power of your mind. All you need to do is RELAX.

And to relax, all you need to do is take three long, deep breaths, hold each one for the mental count of five, and as you slowly exhale all the air from your mouth, just think in your mind, the words deeply relaxed. And you will find that you will become deeply and comfortably relaxed.

And as you become deeply and comfortably relaxed, you'll remember these feelings of peace and tranquillity - this still, wonderful, calm place, deep within you.

And as you remember these feelings of peace and calm and tranquillity, you will instantly feel that you're back here in this wonderful garden.

I'm now going to count down from five to one, and at the count of one, you'll be wide awake.

One, Two, Three, Four, Five.

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