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Negativity - Forest Bathing Hypnosis Script

Negativity - Forest Bathing
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Negativity - Forest Bathing

People suffering from stress or anxiety disorders can experience a number of unpleasant feelings, ranging from nervousness, feelings of dread, impending doom, etc. to physical symptoms such as shaking, sweating, palpitations or just general unease.

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Negativity - Forest Bathing Hypnosis Script
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Script Testimonials
Timing is everything
"This script came at exactly the right time for a new client I met yesterday for the first time. She loves nature and lives near a forest like the one described. With some alterations and personalisations this script will help me to help her with her issue of stress, tension and need for control. Thankyou Christin and Thankyou Universe!"
Gwen Glover Verified Customer
Apr 16th, 2022
Apr 16th, 2022
"Christin, it is a great script. "
Pierre Immelman  Mpumalanga, ZA Verified Customer
Apr 22nd, 2022
Apr 22nd, 2022
Jayne Wiltowski S.N.H.S Dip (hypnotherapy)  Lincolnshire, GB Verified Customer
Dec 1st, 2022
Dec 1st, 2022
Coco Hitt CHT, NLP  California, US Verified Customer
Oct 31st, 2022
Oct 31st, 2022
Verified Customer
May 30th, 2022
May 30th, 2022
Shelly Dar BCCH Cert. Bcch Dip; Clinical Hypnotherapy  Leicestershire, GB Verified Customer
Apr 25th, 2022
Apr 25th, 2022
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Negativity - Forest Bathing Hypnosis Script
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