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Hypnosis Script for Martial Arts

Hypnosis Script for Martial Arts
Martial arts (Photo by © oneinchpunch - stock.adobe.com)

By Andy Gallacher.

Begin with your favorite induction and a deepener from Hypnotic World

And now - I’d like you to imagine - that you are walking through the doors at the venue for the competition.

You walk past the reception desk and on to the changing rooms - you open the door - and notice that familiar sports changing room smell - the sweat - the heat - you become aware of the voices of the other people inside - as you find an area to change - you sit down on the bench and begin to undress.

You are aware of the coldness of the floor underneath your bare feet - you are feeling calm - your breathing even and effortless - you pull on your uniform trousers - and now your jacket.

You pick up your belt and notice the areas of wear on it - the feel of the material - you begin to wrap your belt around and tie it in the same way you have done so many times before.

And now you pick up your sports bag, leave the changing rooms and head towards the competition area - you open the door to the arena and stand just inside - you look around noticing the spectators - you watch the other competitors warming up with a calm detachment - you close your eyes and soak up the atmosphere.

Step forward and notice the texture of the fighting mats under your feet - as you walk across to the registration area - and after giving your details you find an area to begin your warm up - warming up in the same way that you have done many times before - paying attention to all areas.


You now begin to do some light shadow sparring - you feel so loose - your punches crisp and smooth - you feel really in the zone - all the hard work now showing in the effortlessness of your movements.

You begin throwing a few double roundhouse kicks - adding punching combinations - and now various high and low kicks working to all the competition target areas - your kicks so fluid - building up the pace now your techniques so accurate - everything flowing together - your mind focused and alert.

And now your ready - you hear your name being announced and you step on to the competition area - your breathing easy and controlled - you are feeling so alert and relaxed as the referee signals the start of the fight - you move smoothly and easily - your punch and kick combinations coming together so easily - you’re able to score almost at will.

You are aware of the techniques your opponent favors and are able to block and slip them without effort - you begin to work your jump and jump spinning kicks now - your opponent unable to answer your speed and accuracy - everything you’ve worked on in practice now coming together - and then the fight is at an end - your breathing still almost normal - and the referee is holding up your hand - as the crowd go wild - you enjoy the applause - as you collect the winner’s trophy.

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