Bike Racing Confidence Hypnosis Script

 By Victoria Norvall
Bike Racing Confidence

It must be every athlete's dream to arrive on the start line calm, focused, alert and aware of the competition yet at ease with their presence, knowing that they are fully prepared in both mind and body.

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This culminates in a state of peacefulness, born of humble confidence and the knowledge that they have all the resources they would ever need to be gracefully and naturally victorious.

When competing at this level, it's not just about training the physical body; mental preparation plays a huge role in the race especially when racing against well-seasoned professionals and all their associated team support.

In cycling, your client's body is placed under immense physical pressure to react, recover, climb, sprint, endure and yet there is a tangible yet inexplicable quality that separates the good from the great - this is not a physical trait. It is the aura of a champion, it is total self-belief.

This Bike Racing Confidence script aims to give your clients that edge over their cycling competitors.

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