Help your Clients to Stop Smoking in One Hour Hypnosis Article

 By DHP Acc. Hyp.
Help your Clients to Stop Smoking in One Hour

An essential guide for any Hypnotherapist helping clients with Stopping Smoking

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The truth is that most clients don't need several sessions of hypnotherapy in order to quit smoking.

An ethical hypnotherapist will do their very best to help clients in the least possible time and in a cost-effective way that will generate recommendations to clients' friends.

Imagine the scenario - a client is visiting a Hypnotherapist for stopping smoking in 6 sessions.

This will increase the therapist's income by 6 times their session fee.

If the client hasn't stopped smoking at the end of that time (and many won't because the sessions have gone on too long) then they are hardly likely to recommend you to their friends and family.

Consider the next scenario - you are offering to stop clients from smoking in one hour (yes - that's really all it takes).

Your client goes home happy and recommends you to 6 of their friends (who in turn recommend you to several of theirs).

It becomes a chain reaction which can last for many years - resulting in an enhanced reputation for not ripping people off.

Whilst promoting 6 sessions of hypnotherapy for stopping smoking might initially pay off - in the long term - working in the best interests of your clients is what is going to make you truly successful.

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Please note that this is NOT a treatment script that you will read out to your clients. However, it contains lots of useful information for the therapist helping clients to stop smoking in one session.

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