Parent/Child Consent Form Hypnosis

 By DHP Acc. Hyp.
Parent/Child Consent Form

This Parent/Child Consent Form outlines the confidentiality agreement involved with treating adolescents with hypnotherapy when the parent or guardian is not present.

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Younger clients sometimes like to discuss their problems safe in the knowledge that it will go no further than the four walls of the therapy clinic.

They may have issues that they find embarrassing or need help with something they are afraid to discuss with their parents and most therapists are aware that these older children will be more open and honest in a confidential setting.

As hypnotherapist we have certain guidelines to adhere to in order to protect both the client and ourselves from the possibility of false accusations and these may be set out by the Codes of Ethics of the therapist's professional association.

Working within these guidelines you will need to ensure that you are clear to your client and their parent what will and will not remain confidential.

Please note this is not a legal document; it is one that we have put together to help hypnotherapists and different States in the US may have their own laws and regulations that will need to be consulted.

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