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Request a Script
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If you require a hypnosis script for use in therapy please let us know and we will endeavour to produce one for you.


Script requests should be generic rather than requested to be produced for a particular client's situation.  In this way other hypnotherapists can benefit from them.  Whilst our subscribers will be given priority attention we cannot guarantee that your request will produced in time for a specific session. We do however, aim to produce at least one new script a week (more often than not we will write three or four a week).


The scripts on Hypnotic World are intended to be used as a framework for hypnotherapists to adapt to suit their own needs and Hypnotic World has exclusive rights to the scripts we have written.  They may be used for therapeutic work and recorded to give to your clients, however they must not be recorded or copied for commercial purposes.


To request a script please email


If you do not receive a response within a reasonable time-frame it is possible that our emails are not reaching you.  Please check your spam folder or, alternatively post your request on the forum below:  Click here (don't forget to enter the Verification Code).


Please include your email address and password if you are a subscriber.

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