Jealousy Hypnosis Script (Sample)

Jealousy Hypnosis Script (Sample)
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For a long time now you've been experiencing feelings which made you feel uncomfortable and insecure. These feelings have made you feel less fulfilled than you know you should be feeling, and that's been getting you down. But very, very soon, much sooner than you think, you're going to put aside those bad, uncomfortable feelings and instead, experience a new, healthy set of good, positive feelings.


Because you're beginning to realize that there really are much better ways of feeling and acting. You know that people who feel jealous can often doubt themselves or others, sometimes they find it hard to trust the person closest to them and of course no good relationship can thrive without that essential ingredient. In fact relationships are like a recipe, they need certain ingredients in the right proportion - trust, respect, communication, give and take, with perhaps a dash of humor. And I want you to imagine now that you're the one who is baking that cake, decide which recipe to use; read the recipe and weigh the ingredients out.


Be sure to have the right proportions, and decide how you want your cake to taste, perhaps sweet or sour. If it doesn't taste right you can easily start again and get it right. Both parties get a taste of cake, and some people like to share it out, that's good. What's most important is how your piece tastes. If you've ever felt insecure and let's face it, most of us have felt that way at some point in our life, then don't dwell on old, negative feelings which hold you back in life, remember, you are a child of the Universe and you have every right to happiness whilst you are here.


You feel tender, loving kindness for all the children in your Universe. And this loving kindness is radiated all around you and back to you. You love others and others love you, you trust others and others trust you, you respect the wishes of other people and in turn they respect your own wishes. For the Universe is like a mirror, and whatever you put out comes back to you. Your relationships go from strength to strength as you love and trust and respect the children in your Universe.


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