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Forgetting an Ex-Lover Hypnosis Script

Forgetting an Ex-Lover
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Forgetting an Ex-Lover

Does your client know deep down that their relationship is over but can't stop thinking about their ex-partner?

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Do they seem to encounter little reminders everywhere and keep remembering the things they used to do together?

Is your client still hoping that their ex-partner will make contact and want to make another attempt to rescue their relationship?

If your client answers 'yes' to any of these questions then perhaps it's time for them to accept that the former partner is their past and that life revolves around the here and now - and their future.

Perhaps your client's ex met somebody else or simply lost interest in the relationship. But do they really want to be with someone who has let them down so badly?

Your client may not even be interested in meeting anyone else yet. That does not matter right now - it will come with time if it is meant to be.

What matters now is that you help your client to get their own life back on track and to use their free space and time wisely. It was a wise person who said that time is a great healer. It may seem like an impossible idea to accept, but they will be happy again and memories of the past will be just that.

This hypnosis script session can help your clients to put their ex-relationship firmly in the past so that they can live and love again.

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Forgetting an Ex-Lover Hypnosis Script
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"This script seemed tailor made for my client, very powerful. I liked the way old fond/ fun memories could be brought to the forefront to replace more uncomfortable hurtful ones."
J S RobeyVerified Customer
Nov 4th, 2014
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Forgetting an Ex-Lover MP3

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