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Rebirthing Process Hypnosis Script

Rebirthing Process
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Rebirthing Process

This script assumes a traumatic beginning as most clients who follow the path to reliving their birth experience are doing so because of issues they are currently experiencing which they may attribute to a feeling of being unwanted at birth. However before using this with a client please read it thoroughly so that you can adjust any necessary details.

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Every birth is a traumatic one - whether your clients were born naturally, with the help of forceps or by Caesarean section - the fact is that they left a warm and nurturing environment for a bright, harsh, cruel world.

Birth and death are the two most momentous things that will happen to all living entities and the conscious mind blocks out of memory the awareness of each of these events in order to protect us.

The impact that birth has on a new-born baby affects each subsequent response that the infant has in life - starting off a chain of reactions and events over which the infant has little control.

If we could go back to our birth and change our original response to our early entry into the world - seeing it as an outsider would and for what it actually was - rather than how we felt it was at that time - our whole perception on life could be altered.

With the help of this script guide you can help your clients to gain control over their lives and choose how to live it to their maximum capacity.

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Rebirthing Process Hypnosis Script
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May 27th, 2021
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