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Curious Baby Self

Curious Baby Self Script

Curious Baby Self
Help your client to rediscover the curiosity ... Read more
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Learning came so naturally in those early years... Revisit your Curious Baby Self:
Begin with your favorite Induction and Deepener from Hypnotic World.

And now I wonder if you can allow your mind to drift gently back through time to those earliest days and weeks and months and remember yourself.

From those earliest moments when you emerged from the womb, a safe, warm, comfortable environment where nothing mattered except you - and your comforts and bodily needs were met... And that very first day when you pushed yourself down when you were ready to be born, and coming out into a bright, hard, cold world. How do you think was it for you? Did you feel loved and wanted - cradled in soft, loving arms - were you secure in the love of all those around you.

Remember how you learned to cry. At first, it was instinctive, but after a while, you realized that your other needs could be met when you made a sound. You slept quite a lot in those days, and then after some time in this bright new world, you learned how to lift your head - it was such an achievement.

There was a time when you tried to roll over and you tried and tried until you succeeded - it took such concentration to get all those muscles to work together - but you did it.

Remember learning to sit up and balance your muscles. Soon you were pulling yourself up into a sitting position - sometimes you lolled to the left and sometimes to the right - until you mastered the art - and even then you weren't satisfied with just that. Remember how brave and daring you felt when you ventured out onto that very first step. And even when you fell back on your bottom - you didn't give up - you persevered. You held onto the furniture to help you to move - until finally - you trusted yourself to let go - and you did - you succeeded again.

Remember learning your language - all the sounds that rolled off your tongue - and by your first birthday, you could already understand a lot of what was being spoken to you. You could even begin to make a few of your own needs understood.

Now let yourself go right back - inside - and discover that baby self deep within you. You're still open - you're still curious - feel those special parts still there - receptive and eager to learn. For a few moments just let yourself enjoy yourself - (pause) and of course you can continue to enjoy for as long as your unconscious mind finds it necessary - discovering your love of learning - new things - and quite often the more challenging they seem the more satisfaction you feel afterwards - of having achieved - having learned something new - it's an exciting feeling - it's special. And your brain contains its own special patterns where your learnings are stored - new ones being created - all the time.

Pause for about three minutes, then continue.

Bring back with you to the present time, those special parts of you, the curious, eager, receptive parts. For you're learning all the time. Even when you're playing, you're learning - it's fun - it's exciting to discover new ways. Learning for you is just that. Fun and exciting.

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