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Celebration Script

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Stepping Into The Light

Visualize yourself in a long dark tunnel.

If you can't visualize, just imagine, feel or sense yourself here in this tunnel.

You are floating head first through this long tunnel and at the end of it, you notice a small, bright white light.

You are speeding towards this white light.

It is cool in the tunnel but that doesn't bother you for you know that you are perfectly safe. 

Somehow you have a feeling that you are going home.

And as you move down through the tunnel you draw closer and closer to the white light, and as you draw closer and closer to the white light, the white light becomes bigger and brighter, bigger and brighter, bigger and bigger, brighter and whiter, until you are right up to the bright, white light, the bright, white light just in front of you.

As you reach the light, notice that you are no longer floating; instead you are standing and as you emerge from the tunnel, it feels as though you are stepping out on soft, fluffy clouds which gradually evaporate into the path upon which you stand.

Now, I will count to three, and at the count of three, I want you to step into the light.

One. Two. Three. (Pause).

You are now standing in the light.

It is a pure, white, shimmering light that feels pleasantly warm and comfortable and you realise that the light is love and it surrounds you completely.

Now feel the light streaming down through the crown of your head.

Experience the white light being drawn downwards, through the body, the head, the neck and the throat, the shoulders and arms, the chest, the stomach and thighs and legs and feet.

The beautiful bright, shimmering white light is within you, filling every crevice of your body and mind and spirit.

The light is in every cell, every fiber, and every consciousness of your body.

You are in the light.

You are the light.

The light is love and you are the light.

You are Love.

You are protected by your own positive psychic energy field, your beautiful white light.

You are in the light and the light is in you.

Feel the shimmering white light cleansing your whole body, your whole mind and your whole spirit.

Feel the beautiful white light lifting away any impure thoughts or feelings.

Feel the healing energy of the white light within you.

This is your light. You are the light. You are protected by your own positive psychic energy, your light, your beautiful bright, white light and whenever you wish to tune into your psychic energy, all you need to do is to call up your beautiful white, simmer light of love.

Now allow your mind to wander back in time to the earliest years of your life and perhaps even beyond.

You can go back to a time before this life as you now know it, even begun, back to a time immemorial when the physical body had ceased to exist, a time when you belonged to the spiritual realm.

And as you travel back to a time when even time did not exist you find yourself becoming more and more relaxed and comfortable.  And the more relaxed and calm you become the further back you go.

You no longer have your physical body and neither does anyone else in this spiritual realm; however, you instantly recognize those entities that came to mean something to you and you to them.

These may be the souls of long departed relatives and friends, predecessors a long way down the line who you didn’t yet meet in your present, at that time future, life but who have been guiding you along the way.

There may be spirits from the animal kingdom, perhaps pets that you loved or animals you came to know or that were in some way attached to you from a previous life.

Anyone and everyone and anything and everything you have ever loved and cared for and who has loved and cared for you, are here.

Even loved ones who are still with you in your present life have a place here in spirit and have come to meet you to today to join in this special celebration.

Furthermore, there are others you don’t yet recognise who you will meet up with one day in your future; they will be people or animals who will mean something to you one day, when the time is right.

It is party time; a party unlike any other but nevertheless, a party.

It is a joining of souls that are part of creation and they all want to share this wonderful occasion with you.

Now is your chance to put right any wrongs.

Now is your chance to simply say, I love you or thank you for having shared my life or cared for me.

Now is your chance to ask for any guidance you may need with a present dilemma or simply make peace with yourself.

Now is your chance to enjoy the company of others, to gather wisdom or clarify your goals in this life.

Now is your chance to do say thank you for what you have taught me and anything else you need to do with the help of your loving soulmates.

So I will be quiet for a few moments and in the silence that follows, you can do or ask or say or feel or understand anything you need to.

Do this now as I’m quiet for a few moments and when you next hear my voice you won’t be startled or alarmed.

Pause for as long as you feel necessary; soft background music can enhance the experience.

That’s good; and you are now aware of my voice speaking again but this does not disturb you because at your party there is no such thing as time so you can return to this state of nirvana whenever you wish to, whenever you need to.

When you have said what you need to say, done what you need to do or heard what you needed to hear, gather these feelings and words of wisdom and insights into your heart.

For you are still a physical being with an active life and there is still much that you need to do.

So bid farewell for now to your loved ones and hold their loving thoughts and presence in your heart where it will remain.

One of your loved ones, someone who meant the world to you has a gift for you.

And that gift is a single word.  It is the word ‘love’; it might be offered in a different form.  It could have a physical appearance or sound like a piece of beautiful music or a simple vibration.

Or it might be something you don’t instantly recognise but you instinctively know what it means.

And you take this love into yourself and project it to those around you.

Thank your loved ones for joining you today and thank yourself for having made this journey.

An overwhelming sense of peace and tranquillity encompasses you as you prepare to return to normal, conscious awareness.

And looking forward, into your life as it’s been in the physical realm and how it will be, you are surprised to notice that your mind is crystal clear and alert.

It is as though all those problems associated with everyday life are mere trivialities.  What really matters to you is this sense of peace and spiritual well-being that you are experiencing now, and can continue to experience whenever you need to, whenever you want to, by calling forward your healing white, shimmering light.

You came a long way today and this experience is one that you will always remember.

Take as long as you need in hypnosis time and when you are ready, return to the beautiful white light of love.

Feel yourself being drawn back into the tunnel and travelling forward in time to your present existence.

And be aware of your physical body resting here.

Your heart is beating and your breathing is easy and regular.

All cells and systems and consciousness of your body and mind are working in complete harmony.

Take a deep breath in.

And exhale.

And when you are ready I will count the numbers from one up to five.

At the count of five, you will return to normal, conscious awareness and you will feel as though you have been on a very long journey.

Your mind becomes crystal clear and you are very calm and happy.

One, two, three, coming slowly back.

Four, your eyelids are beginning to flutter and five, eyes open, wide awake, mind and body returning to normal conscious awareness.

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