Setting Boundaries Hypnosis Script

 By Faith Waude DHP Acc.Hyp
Setting Boundaries

Do your clients find it hard to say no to requests from others?

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Most of us are guilty of giving into others because it's often the easiest way or we don't want to hurt their feelings, however when this happens on a regular basis your client may feel they are being taken advantage of and of course this can lead to stress, anxiety and self-doubt and sometimes not being able to do what they want to do.

People pleasers can find it almost impossible to refuse a reasonable request, however they may feel resentment which, when repressed can eventually burst forth and cause havoc in their close relationships.

As its title suggests, this Setting Boundaries hypnosis script can help your clients to define how far they want to go or how much they are prepared to tolerate and teaches a method to help them become more assertive without any of the usual accompanying feelings of guilt or stress.

The script uses a form of future-pacing and helps clients identify the areas in their life where they wish to apply their new skill. Ultimately this leads to a happier and more fulfilled life and gives them time and energy to spend on their own lives.

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