The Joy of Reading Hypnosis Script

 By DHP Acc. Hyp.
The Joy of Reading

If you were someone that did not read when you were younger, or did not have a caretaker or teacher that spent time reading aloud to you, you may have grown up to not have the appreciation of reading that so many adults have.

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If you suffer from a learning disorder, you may have grown to resent reading, and now as an adult it is difficult to relax and enjoy leisure reading.

Books are joyous and help you to explore yourself, and world's that otherwise would only be in your imagination. Those that spend a lot of free time or work time reading typically become better speakers and better writers. Through this hypnosis script, you or your client can manifest the joy of reading and grow into someone that is interested in books and reading.

The script begins with small steps and progresses to creating a feeling of appreciation and appeal to the actual words and how they appear on paper. Similar to how one might crave a slice of chocolate cake that appears on a TV screen or in a magazine, the script will have you visualizing words and craving content and knowledge in no time at all.

The method of reading in your subconscious removes any frustration you may feel while reading in a normal state. If you come across a word you are unfamiliar with, this lack of knowledge may frustrate you. But the script enables you to relax and cope with your ignorance, now viewing it as an opportunity to learn new things.

This hypnosis script will loosen up the constraints of the subconscious knowledge and allow you to bring it to the forefront whenever it is needed.

When you find a truly special book that touches you, you will find that you are able to relate to the characters and they will seem as if they are people you know. Great literature will enable you to see things in your mind's eye through description. You will know that you have developed a true appreciation for reading when you cannot wait to return to the book you are currently reading.

The joy of reading script will turn you into an avid reader that will want to share their love of books with everyone for years to come.

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