Procrastination Hypnosis Script

 By DHP Acc. Hyp.

Who among us has not put off tasks that could be accomplished immediately, to a later, more hectic time?

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At times, procrastination practically feels like human nature.

There seems to be a part of the human mind that lives in a constant state of disbelief that tomorrow will ever arrive.

Maybe there were times your clients were given a large, challenging task, and made the commitment to divide it into chunks over time, accomplishing the sum total with small, daily goals.

Accomplishing such an achievement in an organized, less stressful manner must have been a very satisfying feeling for them.

This script will enable your client to approach all future tasks in this way and alleviate the stress of procrastination.

The script is ideal for motivation and encouragement. Once your client is relaxed and open to suggestion, the script will help them to focus on the frustration that procrastination has caused them.

If your client is ready to be hypnotized and encouraged to no longer put things off, they are probably already feeling impatient with themselves and ready for a change.

Download this Procrastination hypnosis script today to help your clients to stop putting things off.

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