Peak Performance Hypnosis Script

 By DHP Acc. Hyp.
Peak Performance

If your client is in the business of performing, giving their best performance is necessary in order to keep their career flourishing. There are probably many times that you do not feel up to giving a top of the line performance. Maybe your health is not at its optimum level, or you are feeling groggy or tired from a rough night. But it is still imperative that you perform at your best. If giving a peak performance is necessary, than this script can help you or your client to focus and do your very best.

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The important thing to remember when preparing for a performance is that you are in complete control of your emotions. You can control the pitch of your voice, your breathing, your sweaty palms and rapid heartbeat. All it takes is some practice and concentration. This script will focus you or your client in the moment, and teach you to maintain control of your reactions to the situation at hand. The script will help you with the discipline need to practice confidently, and in a manner that will enable you to trust in your practice. It can be one thing to run through lines and move through the motions of the script, but it is entirely different to master the role and feel confident performing the role. The best performers are confident in their role. Their voices and movements convey familiarity and confidence, and this puts them a step ahead of everyone else in competitive situations.

This script guides you or your client toward emotional and physical confidence. You will carry yourself with great confidence, performing with your head high and walking with strength and pride. Another technique this script uses is helping you or your client to visualize your performance. If you are able to imagine a successful performance, than you will be able to give a successful performance. From beginning to end, you will envision giving the performance of your life. You will mentally move through each act, until you have reached the end of the performance. You will imagine the audience feedback and you will bask in their adulation. Imagining how proud you will feel after a peak performance will give you the confidence needed to march onto stage and perform at your best.

This script will enable you or your client to begin from a place of confidence, and give the performance of your life.

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