Perfectionism Hypnosis Script

 By DHP Acc. Hyp.

If you or a client is a perfectionist, this script is meant for you.

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This script is designed to instil confidence and self-worth in you or your client. The script incorporates the use of physical sensations, so the perfectionist can become comfortable in their own skin. It also uses the incredibly successful technique of speaking directly to the subconscious mind.

By overriding the conscious mind, the hypnotized is appealing to the higher levels of the mind, and breaking through to the heart and soul of the person. If they are able to work on that level and guide the subconscious to self-acceptance, the conscious mind will not be far behind.

The script takes the hypnotized to a place of peace and calm. The journey to this satisfying and relaxing place will help you or your client to see that choosing not to be a perfectionist feels good. Because you will rarely, if ever achieve perfection, perfectionists live in a constant state of never being good enough and never being satisfied.

If you have the opportunity to feel how good giving in and letting go feels, how healthy it feels to not desire perfection, you will be drawn to simply being happy with your best. You will feel good about doing your best, and not want to constantly be disappointing yourself by not being perfect.

Just the feeling of being hypnotized like this will encourage you or your client to seek this satisfying feeling in the future. If it can feel this good to not be perfect, why would one ever bother aiming for perfection? It is a daunting task, constantly living for the unachievable. By working through this script, you or your client will learn to release your inner perfectionist.

Once you have practiced this script, and experienced a feeling of true self acceptance, you will understand why perfectionism leads nowhere. If you or a client is struggling with feelings of unworthiness and not being good enough, this script will help you to let go of the control that you exercise over your worth. You will learn to value the person you are today and you will see that true personal growth starts from a place of self-security.

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