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Peak Performance Hypnosis Script

Peak Performance Hypnosis Script
Peak performance (Photo by © Konstantin Yuganov - stock.adobe.com)

Begin with your favourite induction and deepener from Hypnotic World.


Visualise yourself at the side of the stage - waiting for your turn to perform. 


As you begin to see and sense yourself waiting there in the wings and you hear the applause which is being given to the performer whose act is now ending, this is your cue to begin to relax. 


You begin by checking your body for tension - just as you have done today - and if you note any  tension or anxiety at all, you let it go - you simply let it go.


Next you concentrate on your breathing.  Breathe deeply into your lungs and hold that breath for the mental count of three, and as you breathe out, I'd like you to think in your mind the following words.


"I am calm, I am relaxed and I am confident".


And as you take that deep breathe and think those words - just gently squeeze together your thumb and finger


These are your cue words and actions for post hypnotic response and each time you take those deep breaths and hold for three, and  mentally repeat those words in your mind, whilst squeezing together your thumb and finger - you find that you are strengthening those calm, relaxed and confident feelings.

Okay - let us try that again.


(Repeat process as above from checking the body for tension).


Now it is your turn to go onto the stage and the audience are ready for you - and you are ready for them.


You hold your head high and walk slowly and carefully onto the stage.  The lights are on you and you feel bright and alive and you're aware of these calm and confident feelings. 


You can see some of the audience's faces and notice how interested they appear in you - they are listening and watching and hanging onto your every word. 


Some people are concentrating on you so hard that their faces are tight, others are smiling - they're enjoying themselves here, watching and listening to you. 


Some people have a glazed look in their eyes, and you realise that they are mesmerised - hypnotised - fascinated by you and your act.  This makes you feel good. 


You are doing marvellously and its a tremendous feeling for you to be so confident and so calm.


I'm going to be quiet for a moment or two and I want you to mentally rehearse your actual act (or song or speech or whatever).


See yourself presenting yourself in a professional way.  You're looking and feeling good - so calm, relaxed and confident.


(Pause for two minutes).


Now your act is coming to an end.  The audience begin to applaud you - they're clapping their hands as hard as they can.  They love you and they love your act.  They are shouting for more.  See the look of admiration in their eyes. 


 You've done a brilliant job.


Now leave the scene, you walk off the stage feeling as though you could jump up in the air (but you don't).  You feel on top of the world.


When you come to do this for real - things will happen to you, just as I say they will happen to you.  And remember your breathing and holding it for three, and remember also to squeeze together your thumb and finger as you think those words in your thoughts.


"I am calm, I am relaxed and I am confident".


Now count subject up out of hypnosis or add a few more suggestions, or repeat some of the ones already given.

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