Living in the Now Hypnosis Script

 By DHP Acc. Hyp.
Living in the Now

In this day and age, living in the now is almost impossible. No sooner are you finished with one task, than you are moving on to the next.

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Suddenly, you realize weeks have gone by since you last took time to count your blessings and appreciate all that life has given you. If this sounds like something you or a client is struggling with, then the use of this hypnosis script will help to slow your out-of-control personal time clock.

Perhaps you have heard the phrase "living in the moment." Maybe it seems to make sense until you really stop to think about it. Do you believe you practice living in the now? Do you think it would do you some good to slow down and relax? If so then you are not alone.

The first step in climbing off the merry-go-round of life is to stop and focus.

This script will allow you or your client the opportunity to stop, be still, and focus on the speed and numbness with which you were moving.

This can serve as a subtle wake-up call.

It is likely that your subconscious does not want to think three steps ahead. It needs time to relax and focus, and regain perspective. You will find when you satisfy this desire, your outlook and attitude will move in a positive direction.

The self-awareness that everyone has is becoming more and more rare, but is a valuable quality to develop on the path to living a happy life.

If you are more self-aware, you will take things less personally, you will understand why you feel the way you do about occurrences, and you will gain control of your emotions in a way that enables you to live more comfortably.

If you are constantly on the go, and things seem to never slow down, you will not have time to develop this self-awareness. It probably is not hard to imagine the regrets you may find yourself with one day if you do not take time to learn to live in the now.

You or your client will be amazed at how dedicating yourself to living in the now will change your attitude and your outlook on life.

You will begin to notice physical and emotional changes, and you will develop a reverence for living that you may not have had before.

This script is a fantastic starting point for living in the now. Once you have mastered the skill, and the mindset, you will appreciate things in a whole new way.

Those around you will appreciate your new found outlook as well. Being organized, pleasant, and good under pressure will all come easier to you now that you are living in the now.

Whatever moment is at hand will receive your full attention. This means that if a loved one is in need of your undivided attention, you will be giving them that gift. Instead of balancing several tasks and thoughts at once, you will focus all of your heart and soul in the moment and those around you will benefit.

Living in the moment can be challenging, but it is a challenge that you will not regret mastering. You or your client will find life is more fulfilling, and that you are a better person just by focusing on the moment at hand. This living in the now hypnosis script will get you started on a new path in life that will shower rewards down on you and those around you.

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