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Interrupted Sleep Relaxation Hypnosis Script

Interrupted Sleep Relaxation
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Interrupted Sleep Relaxation

Do you remember the last time you retired to bed, and once you had drifted off to sleep, you did not awaken until the morning? If you or your client need only think back to last night, than interrupted sleep is probably not an issue. But for many, a sound night of sleep is an impossibility. There may be natural interruptions due to their work, or they may have a difficult time sleeping through the night.

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A lot of troubled sleepers find themselves unable to shut off their thoughts at bedtime. It seems that every unresolved issue of the day, or longer, demands solving at precisely the time it would be best to push them aside and relax.

In recent years, medicinal sleep aids have grown in popularity. Many believe this is due to a growing trend of stress and mental and emotional overload.

Another group of people that often experience difficulty sleeping is those that are performing shift work. If you or a client find yourselves in a career where you are doing the majority of your work when the rest of the world is sleeping, it can be difficult getting a traditional night's rest.

What if when it's time for you to head home and get ready for bed, the rest of the world is awakening and beginning their day? It can be very difficult to wind down, and your body may have a tough time accepting that it needs to settle down and relax. The sun and the hustle and bustle of the day might be tough to shut out and prepare your body for rest.

This script will also prove useful for those in positions such as law enforcement or medical emergency technicians. If your client is a firefighter or doctor, they may need to awaken and be fully alert in a short period of time.

They need to be clear thinking more quickly than someone that has a few hours in the morning to relax, wash up, and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

It is also important that these people be able to fall back into a restorative sleep in a short period of time. The work they do may require them to awaken, briefly deal with a situation, and then return to a full night's rest. This is especially true for medical students.

The script uses metaphorical visualization to help you move into the frame of mind needed to sleep. There are triggers that will help the mind shut down into a trance-like state, and you will be able to push aside the usual distractions that keep you awake for a period of time at bedtime. This is especially important if you are distracted by noises and other aspects of the environment around you.

If you or a client find yourselves in a position where it is tough to get a full night's rest, or if you are working shift work and you need to squeeze sleep in in short bursts, this script will help you adapt to your schedule. The body craves sleep, and needs it to perform at its maximum capacity. In order to ensure that you perform up to standards, especially in emergency situations, this script will give you the tools needed to restore yourself even if sleep that is interrupted.

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