Inappropriate Laughter Hypnosis Script

 By PhD.
Inappropriate Laughter

If you have ever found yourself in a position where laughter was an inappropriate response, and yet laugh was exactly what you did, then you understand how embarrassing it can be.

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For those that find themselves in this situation, with the same embarrassing results, this hypnosis script can help.

Many people are not aware exactly how much control they have over their emotions and their emotional responses. This script for inappropriate laughter will help you learn methods of control. You will grow confident in your ability to keep things in check, and find that social situations are far more enjoyable when you are not worried about possible consequences.

Controlling any emotion can be difficult. That's why you so often see children throwing tantrums, or exclaiming gleefully at otherwise silent occasions. As we get older we learn to curb these outbursts and in the most drastic circumstances, control the internal feeling from which it springs.

But even with those emotions buried deep beyond the exterior of public view, laughter occasionally bursts through. At times it can cause mild discomfort or embarrassment, or even add to the hilarity of the situation you perceive as absurd. Who doesn't remember sitting in the back of English class, stifling guffaws with their classmates?

But there are times when your inappropriate laughter puts you at greater risk for negative consequences. Imagine how mortifying it would be to have a bout of laughter during a job interview or an important meeting. What if you find yourself in a situation where you are meeting your new boyfriend or girlfriend's parents for the first time? Laughing inappropriately will start you off on the wrong foot, and the resentment may never completely go away.

Imagining a truly devastating situation where you cannot control your laughter at a sombre event may make you cringe. Someone that has to deal with this fear on the regular basis will find themselves unable to relax and be aware of their surroundings.

If any of these occurrences instil fear in you, and you can all too easily imagine a situation where you may fall victim to this embarrassment, than this inappropriate laughter script will help to ease your fear.

From this script your client can grow aware of their ability to control their emotions and their reaction to external stimuli.

Remember the little child throwing the tantrum? Well, that child is still within each of us and is seeking appropriate guidance concerning their emotions. This hypnosis script will allow your or your client to work with this inner child and teach them that they have the power to control their laughter.

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