Better Handwriting Hypnosis Script

 By DHP Acc. Hyp.
Better Handwriting

Even though most people have developed the handwriting they will have for the rest of their lives by the time they are adults, there are many people that wish they could improve their writing. Maybe it is not very legible, or may they will be teaching their children to write soon and they want to be a good handwriting role model. Regardless of the case, there is a hypnosis technique that can be used to improve your handwriting with ease and with fun.

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Time distortion is a way to speed up and slow down time. Have you ever noticed how time goes slower in situations where you are not enjoying yourself, but your vacation flies by in a blink? This is something that you have complete control over, but often, you do not realize it.

This is because we have the ability to distort time in our imagination. It will feel as if it is speeding up and slowing down, depending on how you are guided by your subconscious.

Time is actually just a perception to us. If it is moving fast or slow, it is something that is entirely in our minds. This means that we have control over making it pass in a manner that is convenient for us. It actually means that we have control over time.

Time distortion is such a valuable tool; it can be used to help you improve your writing. If you, or a client, want to make your handwriting neater and more legible, you will find it easy to accomplish by using time distortion and hypnosis.

This script is designed for you or your client to practice each day. You will repeat the script, for just a minute, but it will enhance your writing as if you are working on it for hours at a time. This time distortion will allow you to take a short period of time and lengthen into what will feel like hours of practice. Because of this distortion of time, your mind will react as if you have spent long periods of time practicing your writing. You or your client will be amazed at the results, because in reality you will have barely practiced at all. But since your subconscious believes it has been working diligently, you will get the greatest results. In just a short time you will have the perfect penmanship you desire.

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