Camera Shy Hypnosis Script

 By David Eschbaecher DHP Acc.Hyp HW PLT.Cert
Camera Shy

There are quite a few people that are too shy to jump in front of a camera and have their picture taken or be recorded. When it comes to those that are just avoiding holiday photos and vacation videos, this is not a big deal. But if you or a client is a celebrity and part of their job includes posing for photographs, then you will need to take charge of the situation and cope with your fear. This script written for those that are camera shy can help.

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Part of the problem with being camera shy is that you may not feel confident with your looks. This script addresses that insecurity and guides you or your client toward a stronger sense of self-esteem. The script will help you feel more natural in front of the camera.

If you are able to relax and be yourself, it is amazing how the camera will pick up on that. When someone is feeling awkward and stiff, this message will be conveyed to the audience and it will make them feel uncomfortable viewing the picture. It is important to feel comfortable and confident when you are in front of a camera.

The script is filled with encouraging words and phrases. Conquering your fear of the camera could mean the difference between success and career suicide.

The script guides you or your client away from your fear.

You will be able to express yourself openly in a clear, confident, logical way. You will soon realize the biological reactions behind your fear, and why your body is expressing itself the way it is. You or your client will understand that when your mind if thinking certain things, your body chemistry will act accordingly. This means that if you are thinking negative thoughts, your body will have a fear reaction, and produce the biological effects of fear. The fear becomes a negative cycle that needs to be broken through positive visualization and confidence.

The script enables you or your client to build triggers that will signal to your body and mind to relax in situations where the adrenaline and fear are kicking in. By utilizing these programmed triggers, you will be able to release the fear and relax, which will translate to comfortable, confident interviews, and attractive, appealing photos.

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