Pain Relaxation Script

Pain Relaxation Script
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James Esdaile, a Scottish surgeon of the 19th century, used hypnosis in place of chemical anaesthesia for performing operations and reduced mortality rate from 75% to 5%...


Focus now on your pain, wherever it is, just pay attention to your pain and see if it is trying to tell you anything.

Really 'get inside' your pain - it is your friend, and it's there to warn you that something is not right in your life.

Give your pain a name and a feeling - is it sharp or dull or heavy or strong - and really notice the feeling.

And give it an imaginary colour - quite often pain is an angry red - or it can be a thunderous black or a very dull grey.

Now imagine a shape - perhaps round or spiky, maybe flat and sharp. Whatever shape comes to mind, you can only be right.

Now take your pain and using your powerful mind, change its colour - if its dark, see it lighten or change shade, perhaps even moving its position in your body.

Whichever sensation or thought regarding your pain comes to mind, change it. Imagine a long straight line, with great pain on one end and complete comfort on the other. Notice where on that line does your pain come and move it along, and feel better and lighter and freer.

Or you could imagine putting your pain in the back of a car and watch it drive away, or throw it into a river or brook and see it travel downstream.

Or change the size of your pain, from large to small, shrinking, diminishing, going away.

And other sensations come in and neutralize the pain so that you sense a feeling of comfort and peace.

And watch the comfort and peace as it grows and takes on a harmonious colour, a smooth shape, a calm and peaceful feeling.

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