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Rapid Pain Relaxation Hypnosis Script

Rapid Pain Relaxation
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Rapid Pain Relaxation

Have you ever wondered what you would do when faced with an emergency where someone is experiencing pain?

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Perhaps you have taken CPR classes and you know how to treat a victim with life-threatening injuries. But what about times when they are not in critical enough condition to require life-sustaining treatment, but they are suffering from pain and they need distraction in order to lessen the pain?

Understanding pain is crucial to helping someone reduce the effects. Pain is caused when receptors on the skin trigger a complicated series of events that with an electrical impulse that moves from the external area such as the skin to the spinal cord. The spinal cord behaves like a relay center that can block the pain signal, increase it, or modify it prior to relaying to the brain. Breathing and focusing can also modify the message and ease the pain.

The important thing for practitioners to understand is the intense control an individual has over their body. Much like your inability to control what others do, but control your reaction to them, the same is in some ways true for your body.

This script is designed mainly for practitioners to utilize on their clients. It requires visualization, but it also requires that the subject be completely relaxed and open to suggestion. Perhaps there is a situation in which you find someone is in extreme and immediate pain. Maybe you typically use self-hypnosis on yourself for a variety of things, such as self-esteem, or learning new skills. You appreciate the value and effect of hypnosis, so you know that by using the same methods on someone in pain, you can help them to relieve the pain until they can be treated further. You may want to view learning and using this script as similar to knowing first aid and CPR. The script may be something you never have to use, but it would be a valuable script to be aware of if presented with someone that needs your assistance because they are in pain.

The script will enable practitioners to be a cheerleader to the person attempting to lessen the effects of their pain.

You will have the ability to encourage the victim, and you will be able to instil the confidence they may need to less their pain. This script will help to keep you calm and collected in an emergency where someone is experiencing pain.

Practitioners may be surprised by how short the dialogue of the script is, but that is simply because the goal is to take the victim's focus away from their pain.

If you or a client knows someone that experience chronic pain, or if you want to be armed with a valuable pain-reducing tool if ever faced with an emergency, this script will be ideal to learn. People deal with pain in a variety of ways and if you have the tools needed to help enhance someone's coping skills when they are faced with pain, you will be a hero.

Please note: this session is intended for relaxation purposes only. It is not a medical or therapeutic device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition or disease.

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