What's New

Latest additions to the hypnosis script collection and recently revised scripts:

Wine O-Clock HabitNew
20th Jun, 2017: Start a new healthy lifestyle without the need for alcohol at home.

Inner ChildRevised
14th Jun, 2017: Visit your inner child and make friends with yourself with hypnosis

Cyber BullyingNew
8th Jun, 2017: Dealing with cyber bullying

27th May, 2017: Learn to cope successfully with stressful situations through hypnosis

Maintenance Insomnia RelaxationRevised
23rd May, 2017: When clients have difficulty remaining asleep after waking in the early hours this Maintenance Insomnia script can help create a new sleeping pattern.

Book of Time RegressionRevised
17th May, 2017: Help clients to browse past life 'book archive' using this hypnosis regression script.

Fear of InadequacyNew
14th May, 2017: Help your clients to overcome feelings of inferiority and inadequacy with this professionally written hypnosis script.

Fear of Loud NoisesRevised
6th May, 2017: Help your clients to lose their fear of being in noisy situations and be more comfortable with hypnosis

Age RegressionRevised
5th May, 2017: Regress clients and help them to uncover memories from earlier in life with this hypnosis script.

Child Anxiety MetaphorNew
2nd May, 2017: Help your child to overcome their anxiety.

Sit-Ups Weight LossNew
22nd Apr, 2017: Visualize losing weight as you sleep with this Sit-Ups Weight Loss script

Fractionation InductionNew
19th Apr, 2017: Produce a profound hypnotic trance with this this fractionation script session

Pathworking - Silver ChaliceRevised
15th Apr, 2017: A visual journey to discover more about yourself

12th Apr, 2017: Become Assertive with this professionally-written hypnosis script from Hypnotic World

The ValleyNew
9th Apr, 2017: Let go of negative feelings about yourself as you take a mountain path down to the valley of self-love and confidence.

Interrupted Sleep RelaxationRevised
29th Mar, 2017: If your sleep is regularly interrupted this professionally-written hypnosis script from Hypnotic World can help you to relax better with interrupted sleep.

Self ConsciousnessRevised
29th Mar, 2017: Help clients to overcome feelings of self consciousness with this hypnosis script.

Stress and Anger ReleaseNew
21st Mar, 2017: Help your clients to release their stress and anger with this professionally written hypnosis script

Nervous Tummy for ChildrenNew
11th Mar, 2017: Help for children who suffer anxieties before an anticipated event

Facing HysterectomyNew
1st Mar, 2017: Cope with the trauma of sterlisation with the help of this professiionally-written hypnosis script from Hypnotic World