What's New

Latest additions to the hypnosis script collection and recently revised scripts:

Fear - Magic MirrorNew
21st May, 2018: A metaphoric, confusiion-type approach to helping clients overcome their fears

Pursue Your DreamsNew
20th May, 2018: Enhance your creativity as you discover and pursue your dreams

Flying BlanketRevised
8th May, 2018: This visualization/induction can capture the imagination of any child.

Drink More WaterNew
6th May, 2018: Help your clients to enjoy drinking water

Letting Go of ResentmentNew
30th Apr, 2018: Help your clients to let go of resentment towards those they love and give their relationships a better chance of surviving.

Restless Leg Syndrome RelaxationRevised
27th Apr, 2018: Overcome the restless leg syndrome with hypnosis

Peak PerformanceNew
24th Apr, 2018: Help clients to achieve their peak performance with this professionally-written hypnosis script from Hypnotic World.

Stop BlushingRevised
17th Apr, 2018: Help clients to relax during blushing and stay clam in social situations with this hypnosis script from Hypnotic World.

Confidence QuestionnaireNew
15th Apr, 2018: A useful framework to help your clients seeking to increase their self-confidence.

Death of a ParentNew
10th Apr, 2018: Help your clients during their grieving process after losing a parent with this professionally-written hypnosis script download from Hypnotic World.

3rd Apr, 2018: Overcome those feelings of insecurity and jealousy with hypnosis.

28th Mar, 2018: Regress to a previous time of celebration with hypnosis...

Foreign Language StudyRevised
23rd Mar, 2018: Imagine being able to communicate effectively with people from all different countries - this script can make language study as easy as A-B-C

Best Friend Fall-OutNew
22nd Mar, 2018: Help children come to terms with falling out with their best friend.

Horse DeepenerRevised
15th Mar, 2018: The perfect hypnotic deepener script for use with clients who enjoy horse riding.

Fear of Falling OverRevised
13th Mar, 2018: Overcome a fear of falling over with this professionally-written hypnosis script from Hypnotic World

Stop Smoking: Cottage of ChangeNew
11th Mar, 2018: Overcome your smoking habit with this Cottage of Change hypnosis script.

Teenage FriendshipsNew
7th Mar, 2018: Help teenagers to expand their social circle and move away from negative friendships.

Coming off Anti-DepressantsRevised
25th Feb, 2018: Help clients making the transition from anti-depressants with this hypnosis script.

Stop Jaw ClenchingNew
22nd Feb, 2018: Overcome the habit of clenching your jaw