What's New

Latest additions to the hypnosis script collection and recently revised scripts:

Anger ManagementRevised
11th Aug, 2017: Help clients to manage anger effectively with this professionally-written hypnosis script from Hypnotic World

Age Gap LoveNew
10th Aug, 2017: Feel more secure in your relationship when there is a large gap in ages with this professionally-written script from Hypnotic World

Secret PlaceRevised
9th Aug, 2017: A secret place induction and deepener especially for children

Living with COPD RelaxationNew
8th Aug, 2017: Help clients suffering from chronic lung disease to relax

Accepting ResponsibilityRevised
29th Jul, 2017: Help clients to learn to accept responsibility for your actions with this hypnosis script.

Fear of PigeonsNew
28th Jul, 2017: Feel more comfortable around pigeons with the professionally-written script from Hypnotic World.

Finding Lost ObjectsRevised
18th Jul, 2017: Find a lost object with this professionally-written hypnosis script from Hypnotic World

Rekindle Your RelationshipNew
13th Jul, 2017: Help your clients to make a go of their relationship the second time around.

The Joy of ReadingRevised
10th Jul, 2017: Enjoy reading with hypnosis

Find Your Spirit AnimalNew
1st Jul, 2017: Take a journey deep within to discover the spirit animal with this guided meditation.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder RelaxationRevised
23rd Jun, 2017: Help clients improve their impression of themselves and feel more confident with this professionally-written hypnosis script from Hypnotic World

Wine O'Clock HabitNew
20th Jun, 2017: Start a new healthy lifestyle without the need for alcohol at home.

Inner ChildRevised
14th Jun, 2017: Visit your inner child and make friends with yourself with hypnosis

Cyber BullyingNew
8th Jun, 2017: Dealing with cyber bullying

27th May, 2017: Learn to cope successfully with stressful situations through hypnosis

Maintenance Insomnia RelaxationRevised
23rd May, 2017: When clients have difficulty remaining asleep after waking in the early hours this Maintenance Insomnia script can help create a new sleeping pattern.

Book of Time RegressionRevised
17th May, 2017: Help clients to browse past life 'book archive' using this hypnosis regression script.

Fear of InadequacyNew
14th May, 2017: Help your clients to overcome feelings of inferiority and inadequacy with this professionally written hypnosis script.

Fear of Loud NoisesRevised
6th May, 2017: Help your clients to lose their fear of being in noisy situations and be more comfortable with hypnosis

Age RegressionRevised
5th May, 2017: Regress clients and help them to uncover memories from earlier in life with this hypnosis script.