What's New

Latest additions to the hypnosis script collection and recently revised scripts:

Stress and Anger ReleaseNew
21st Mar, 2017: Help your clients to release their stress and anger with this professionally written hypnosis script

Nervous Tummy for ChildrenNew
11th Mar, 2017: Help for children who suffer anxieties before an anticipated event

Facing HysterectomyNew
1st Mar, 2017: Cope with the trauma of sterlisation with the help of this professiionally-written hypnosis script from Hypnotic World

Mindfulness Alcohol ReductionNew
25th Feb, 2017: Reduce your Alcohol Intake with Mindfulness

Listening SkillsRevised
18th Feb, 2017: Help clients to improve their listening skills in order to improve their social interactions and relationships with this hypnosis script.

Confidence: Crystal BallRevised
10th Feb, 2017: Use the Confidence Crystal Ball hypnosis script to help clients to boost their self-confidence.

Setting BoundariesNew
9th Feb, 2017: Say no with confidence as you define and set your own boundaries

Parental RejectionNew
28th Jan, 2017: Dealing with feelings of being rejected by a parent

Parental Concern-Sick ChildNew
19th Jan, 2017: Survive the trauma and heatbreat that comes with having a seriously ill child with this professiionally written script from Hypnotic World

Fibroids RelaxationRevised
7th Jan, 2017: Help clients to relax with fibroids using hypnosis.

Overcome BulimiaRevised
2nd Jan, 2017: Overcome bulimia with this professionally-written hypnosis script from Hypnotic World

The JourneyNew
1st Jan, 2017: Take a journey into your future and see how your dreams and aspirations materialise with this professionally-written script from Hypnotic World.

Dating ConfidenceRevised
29th Dec, 2016: Increase your confidence for dating with this professionally-written hypnosis script from Hypnotic World

Psychic ProtectionRevised
18th Dec, 2016: Prepare your clients with Psychic Protection before taking them on spiritual journeys or through past life regression with this professionally written script from Hypnotic World.

Reject RacialismNew
15th Dec, 2016: Overcome racist thoughts and accept those of a different colour or nationality

Hay Fever RelaxationRevised
9th Dec, 2016: Help clients to relax with hay fever using hypnosis

Boys Bladder Control RelaxationNew
2nd Dec, 2016: A metaphor to help young boys relax with bladder control and bedwetting

Moving on in a RelationshipRevised
30th Nov, 2016: A script for people who have been let down in their relationship but want to put it behind them and make a go of it.

Perfect Pregnancy VisualizationNew
24th Nov, 2016: Help clients to connect with their unborn baby

Stairway to HeavenRevised
18th Nov, 2016: This is a perfect deepener for those who feel uncomfortable with the thought of going down staircases.