Time Distortion Hypnosis Script

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Time Distortion
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Time distortion is a tool that you can use in hypnosis to achieve a variety of results. Your mind can speed up or slow down your perception depending upon what the desired results are. There are common ways of experiencing time distortion, and it happens more frequently than you probably think. But if you or your client would like to distort your perception of time in order to learn a new skill or deal with a certain situation, this script will enable you to control the distortion of time.

The first thing you will understand concerning time distortion is that your mind essentially goes on autopilot and time just passes. It is your perception that you control, and will feel it pass slowly or quickly, regardless of what is reality. Examples of this are included in the script. Once you or your client understands the concept of time distortion, you will begin to understand how it can be used to your advantage.

The script will use your memories of the distortion experience occurring, and then it will guide you to set a trigger phrase in order to prompt it to happen under your control. This script will settle you into a feeling of comfort and control when it comes to time distortion, so you will be an expert at recognizing and utilizing it.

By using time distortion, you or your client will be able to learn new skills in a far shorter period of time than if you were not using time distortion. You will be able to project yourself into the future through this hypnosis script and things that would have taken lesson after lesson to learn, you will now be an expert at doing them.

This may seem impossible now, but the script will guide you through the process step by step.

Another amazing thing you can do with time distortion is work through solutions to problems in reverse. You will be able to project yourself into the period of time where the problem you are facing has been solved. It may seem complicated now, but the script will simplify the process and you will learn to appreciate the power of your mind.

The concept of time distortion assumes that there is a great deal of knowledge in your mind that you just have not learned to access yet.

By distorting time, you are able to access this information that otherwise would take weeks or months, or even years to pull forth from your subconscious. This does not mean you will suddenly be an expert at everything, but you can pull information from inside that you previously did not know was in there.

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