Speed Reading Hypnosis Script

 By DHP Acc. Hyp.
Speed Reading

Imagine all of the things you could accomplish if you had the gift of speed reading.

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You would suddenly have time to get to that stack of novels you have been meaning to read. You could learn new skills through reading, and become an expert on just about any topic you can think of.

By learning to speed read, you can become the person you have always wanted to be. This hypnosis script can help you or your client learn the skill of speed reading.

The first thing the script encourages you to do is reach into a part of your brain that you may have never accessed before. This may require you to suspend some belief in your inability to do this, or to learn speed reading in general. But once you have relaxed and opened up to the idea of just trying new things, you will be able to reach this place inside of you that is capable of things you never before thought possible.

The script relaxes you with a visualization and that prepares you or your client for the new skill you are about to learn. You will embark on this new journey from a place of belief and relaxation, which will enable you to accept yourself and your ability to learn the skill of speed reading

Once you are focused on wanting to learn to speed read, and you are committed to learning, you need to accept belief in your ability to do so.

This script will encourage you or your client to abandon your insecurities about learning this new skill, and it will teach you to have faith in the abilities of your mind. Half the battle of learning something new is believing that you can learn it. Once you have faith in yourself, the rest is just becoming familiar with the details of the process.

This script will enable you to have faith in your vision to move in ways that will enable you to process the words you want to read.

The script acknowledges that you or your client will need to practice reading and work on getting faster and faster with your processing of the information.

With faith in yourself, motivation, and practice, you can learn to speed read.

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