Photographic Memory Hypnosis Script

 By Steve Armstrong
Photographic Memory

The human memory is complex and difficult to understand. It is related to such parts of the brain as the frontal lobe, the temporal lobe, the cortex, and the hippocampus. These parts of the brain all work together, allowing us to formulate and store information in the form of memories.

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These memories connect us to our external world; the data can be about a specific environment, a person, or an object.

Because memory is so complex, it cannot be pinned down to an exact science. In fact, psychologists working in the field of memory often disagree concerning varying theories. They agree that there are three main types of human memory - sensory, short term, and long term plus a fourth related faculty called the working memory. The memory works as an amazing recording device, and it can be simple to access everything it has been exposed to, if the proper methods are used.

The script explains the connection between vision and memory. You or your client will learn to understand how your complex vision system affects your memory. You will understand how things are seen; those messages are carried into your brain, and stored as memories. Many times though, even though we see things and process them, we are not totally focused on things at certain times. We may take in just enough information to get by, and actually be distracted by a number of other things while viewing a scene. This script will encourage you or your client to fine-tune your focus so that you are able to shut everything out except for the information you want to photographically remember.

You or your client could have the ability to scan your memory bank and access everything that has been stored in a short period of time.

Imagine how this will help you learn new things, study for exams, and read books in a shorter period of time.

Suddenly you will have the gift of time, and will still be learning and growing at a pace faster than before you developed your photographic memory.

This amazing technique will enable you to not only store, but access bountiful information and memories.

Because the mind is so complex, it has abilities we have just begun to understand. There are things that others may be able to do that strike you as a unique and talented gift. But through utilizing this script during hypnosis, you or your client will be able to develop a photographic mind that will enable you to process information as never before.

If you are looking to learn and grow in new ways, and you are concerned that too much information may overload and frustrate your mind, this photographic memory script will help ease those fears.

Through the use of this script, you or your client can organize and utilize your memory to its fullest capacity.

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