Memory Improvement Visualization Hypnosis Script

 By DHP Acc. Hyp.
Memory Improvement Visualization
Improve your Memory Recall with self-hypnosis.

Have you ever noticed how you might be trying to remember something and the harder you try to remember the more difficult it becomes until you just give up trying? And later, just when you thought you'd forgotten all about trying to remember, the information you wanted just popped into your mind?

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Well, of course, we know that the information was there the whole of the time but you were experiencing what Emile Coue termed as the "Law of Reversed Effect" -

And of course we all know how the mind can wander when we are feeling relaxed and all sorts of memories can flow up into conscious awareness.

So, using hypnosis to improve your memory makes sense. In fact, many accelerated learning programs, such as speed reading to develop a photographic memory, actually use a state of heightened consciousness similar to hypnosis (although they don't usually tell you so). Instead, they may talk about Alpha and Theta states.

This Memory Improvement download script can help your clients to improve memory recall in a natural and effective way by using their own wonderful creative, subconscious mind.

This Memory Improvement script includes a demonstration which can be used before the hypnotherapy session to show you and your clients exactly how to build on memory capacity.

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