Listening Skills Hypnosis Script

 By Faith Waude DHP Acc.Hyp
Listening Skills
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Good listening skills are an essential requirement in certain jobs and in relationships in general.

If your clients find themselves interrupting conversations to get their own point over or if people tend to look away or appear bored with their chatter then this hypnosis script download can help them to develop natural listening skills that will not only endear others to them but help them to learn more about the people they are communicating with.

How Hypnosis Helps

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state which we all enter several times a day without being aware of it. Hypnotherapy utilizes the hypnotic state to guide your client's mind into a receptive, quiet place where suggestions that are for the benefit of their health and well-being or whatever issue they are seeking to address can be accepted and integrated into their own way of thinking and being.

During hypnosis your client will be comfortably relaxed and may experience a feeling of being 'half awake, half asleep'.

This is perfectly natural and although they may feel reluctant to leave that feeling behind once the session is over, they will awaken feeling totally refreshed and confident and ready to allow the suggestions in the Listening Skills hypnosis script download, work for them.

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