Concentration Hypnosis Script

 By DHP Acc. Hyp.

This script was specifically designed for sufferers of ME whose concentration and memory has been impaired but should help people without ME who wish to improve their concentration, memory and organizational skills.

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If you or a client is in this situation, this script will enhance learning, memory, and focus. The first step in strengthening your concentration is exercising the muscles of your mind just as you would the rest of your body. This script will encourage you to practice activities that enhance concentration. You will be drawn toward activities that will encourage you to want to learn and strengthen your memory muscles.

Things that may be simple for others to remember may be more of a challenge for ME sufferers to remember, but if you take your time you will be able to do it.

Procrastination may also be an issue for you and this script will help you to conquer and organize things that you need to do.

You will gain the ability to prioritize and organize like never before.

The script will give you a variety of suggestions to run your life at optimum ability. These simple steps will improve your concentration and reduce the frustration you feel when things are not running smoothly.

You and those around you will see a whole new you. You or your client will soon be living without frustration and confusion thanks to this concentration hypnosis script.

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I am an experienced hypnotherapist who needed a script for an area I usually don't treat. The script from Hypnotic World suited my requirements perfectly and did the job. I'm very happy to recommend them.

Frank Jockel

Love the hypnosis scripts and my clients do as well. Such an extensive selection. I am very impressed

Catherine Clift

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