Accelerated Studying Hypnosis Script

 By DHP Acc. Hyp.
Accelerated Studying

Time distortion is a tool that you can use in hypnosis to achieve a variety of results.

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Your mind will speed up or slow down your perception depending upon what the desired results are.

There are common ways of experiencing time distortion, and it happens more frequently than you probably think. But if you or your client would like to distort your perception of time in order to learn a new skill or study for an exam, this script will enable you to control the distortion of time.

Time distortion will help you to focus completely on the information you want to learn, and it will relax your mind and enable it to absorb large amounts of information because it is filtering everything else out.

Your concentration is enhanced and you are able to retain whatever information crosses your path because you are focused.

This script will help you or your client see the act of studying as a means to an end, enhancing your enjoyment of the process of studying.

The purpose of this script is to improve your memory to the absolute height of its ability while you study. Your memory will be picture perfect, and nothing that enters your head will leave it. It will make a lasting impression on your memory, and it will be easy to recall the information when the need arises. You will not feel pressured to do this. You will simply be able to bring to the forefront of your memory the facts needed to take the exam.

This script will aid you in preparing the correct study environment. You will look forward to studying, and you will enjoy learning and accessing the information that you are storing in your brain.

From the start of preparing your study space, you will approach studying from a positive place.

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