Lake Induction Script

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Induce clients into a hypnotic trance using this calming lake induction script.


So as you start to feel yourself relax more and more - you may begin to feel lighter - almost as if you are floating - floating down into a wonderful place.

So now if you can I would like you to imagine yourself outside in a wonderful place in nature.

The trees are a magical shade of green - it’s a glorious day and the sun is shining down on you.

There is a soft and gentle breeze in the air making you feel pleasantly relaxed and calm.

All around you can see trees and plants and an array of the most beautiful flowers you have ever seen; the colors of these flowers are so vibrant - yellows - reds - purples - and you can smell the aroma of these flowers as they awaken all of your senses - making you feel so peaceful and tranquil.

Nothing else matters right now - just being here in this magical place.  You feel completely at ease - so relaxed and so calm

In the distance, you can hear the sound of water flowing slowly and gently.

The sound of the water is helping you to go more and more deeply relaxed - you may feel your muscles loosening more and more - relaxing with the beautiful flowing sound of water.


Out of curiosity, you decide to follow the sound of the water.

You are feeling excited about where it is leading you - knowing deep within yourself you are going to a very special place - a place where you are going to create some positive - wonderful - and long-lasting changes.

As you walk slowly through the long grass - you can hear the sound of birds whistling in the trees - you look up in the trees and you can see the birds playing happily together - it makes you feel at one with nature and the Universe.

You are feeling so lucky to be right here right now in this magical place - at this magical time.

As you finally reach the lake - you realise it is the most beautiful vision you have ever seen - you are in awe of the beauty which surrounds you.

You feel as though you are experiencing your perfect dream right now - the lake is filled with a variety of colors - rich colors of blues - turquoise - light greens and a tinge of purple.

It fills your mind and body with a wave of relaxation - you may be becoming more relaxed with each and every breath you take - feeling more calm - more peaceful and relaxed than ever before.

Your mind may be drifting in and out - letting go - deeper and deeper still - you may feel as though your mind is flowing gently - flowing gently like the lake in your imagination.

You look into the distance and can see a wooden bridge leading over the lake.

You walk towards the bridge feeling more and more deeply relaxed - as you reach the bridge you can see there are ten steps leading over - to the other side of the lake.

You slowly start walking over the bridge counting the steps in your mind - 10, 9, deeper and deeper still - 8, 7, all the way down relaxed - 6 feeling so calm - 5, 4, drifting off peacefully and easily - 3 and 2 - all the way down deep down relaxed - and 1.

Continue with suggestions.
Script donated by Louise Nonweiler.

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