Holiday Stroll

Holiday Stroll
Holiday stroll (Photo by © soupstock -

I would like you to concentrate on my voice.

As we continue your mind will visualize everything I say leaving you totally relaxed and feeling wonderful. So let us begin.

I want you to imagine you are on holiday and you are walking through the grounds of the magnificent hotel where you are staying - as you walk through the grounds, you behold a beautiful garden - covered with brightly colored flowers - you can smell the scent of the flowers - the lavender - the fragrance of the roses - the scent of the stocks and the newly mown grass - carry on walking through the grass and flowers - until you reach a decorative white footbridge - which passes over a stream.

You can hear the water as it splashes over the stones - making a rippling sound.

The bridge leads from the garden down to the beach beyond. Walk slowly over the bridge - and as you approach the top - pause awhile - and take in the beauty which meets your eye - the white coral sand stretching as far as the eye can see - meeting up with the warm clear crystal blue sea - reflecting the skies above with the fluffy white clouds dotted around.

After a while walk on until you reach the beach below - with its soft warm, white sand - stop awhile - remove your shoes - feel the texture of the sand as it curls between your toes - continue walking through the sand until you come to a beautiful palm tree - listen to the sound of the breeze as it blows through the branches - pause and sit down on the sand - lean your back against the bark of the tree as you shield yourself from the rays of the sun - feel the warmth through your body.

As you rest awhile - out the corner of your eye you see some sailing boats - with bright colored sails of red, yellow and blue.

Your thoughts wander and you try to imagine sailing one of these boats as they glide silently through the water - with their bright sails billowing in the wind.

After a while you stand - and start to walk on down to the waters edge - as you stroll slowly into the sea with the waves lapping over your feet.

You feel the cool of the water- and you hear the sound of the waves in the distance as they crash on to the rocks - you can smell the beautiful clear sea air - close your eyes and memorize this beautiful place - where you can come and return - any time you wish - all through your power of visualization - over and over again.

Turn around now and slowly make your way back - through the sand - over the bridge - through the grass and the flowers into the beautiful garden of your hotel.

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