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Deep Relaxation Hypnosis Script

Deep Relaxation
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Deep Relaxation

With the hustle and bustle of keeping up with today's hectic lifestyles, it is more important to our health than ever before that we take time out for relaxation.

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And we are not just referring to relaxing in front of the TV or having a drink with friends. We mean deep relaxation in which the mind is still or can turn inwards to reflect and to reveal answers to our innermost concerns.

William Henry Davies described beautifully in his famous poem that begins:

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

Deep relaxation is beneficial in many ways. People suffering from stress, high blood pressure, anger management and many other health and behavioral problems can benefit from learning to truly relax.

As the famous saying goes, "An hour of hypnosis is worth 8 hours of sleep".

This powerful Deep Relaxation Hypnosis Script download can help your clients to reach a state of deep relaxation and to alter this level of relaxation so that they can adjust it to their own individual needs.

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Member Testimonials
"I use an adaptation of this script with many of my clients. I find it works great with my more difficult clients, putting them in control of how deep their trance is. It's not overly descriptive or elaborate, so it works well with my less visual clients as well. In follow up visits, the gist of this script is easy to refer back to, helping the client easily reach deeper hypnotic states. Well done! Thank you for sharing!"
Alisa R Smith, CHtVerified Customer
Mar 19th, 2012
"This script has worked really well for me. Thanks"
Tom ZeganVerified Customer
May 24th, 2012
Hypnotic World Customer Reviews
"Absolutely fantastic support and customer service. Highly recommend Hypnotic World to any professional hypnotherapist."
"I have used Hypnotic World since 2005 and have always found it to be VERY useful indeed. Faith is the best Regards Ray"
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Deep Relaxation MP3

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