Cabin Fever: Self-Isolation Hypnosis Script

 By Leslie Riopel
Cabin Fever: Self-Isolation

Cabin fever is a surprisingly common issue, especially for those who need to self-isolate due to an emergency such as the coronavirus pandemic. Even though it is not technically a psychological disorder, self-isolation can still cause significant problems. The loneliness and restlessness associated with cabin fever can lead a person to feel as though they are losing their mind in the absence of social interaction and the personal freedom that they are accustomed to.

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We often take for granted our ability to go outside and work, or run errands. We are not used to having to stay home because of something such as a virus. It can be very frustrating not to be able to go out, and the feelings associated with cabin fever can have a negative impact on the person experiencing them.

Cabin fever was originally a term applied to a person who may have been confined in a remote place - a cabin in the winter, for example. In today's world of viruses and pandemics, it can also mean something altogether different.

There are different degrees of cabin fever. For example, if your personality and temperament are more extroverted in nature, you may have a much more difficult time being socially isolated. For those with a more introverted personality, social isolation may not be as challenging.

Humans are essentially social creatures and eventually, everyone tires of being isolated. Fortunately, there are steps such as those featured in this script that you can take to help your clients to cope.

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