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Health Matters Relaxation

Health Matters Relaxation
Thinking of health matters (Photo by © Andy Dean - stock.adobe.com)

A healthy body requires a healthy mind. Thinking of illness and unhappiness can make you feel just that - however, focusing your mind on these positive thoughts will help in living with health issues...

Imagine yourself full of health and vitality, just he way you want to be and keep this imagine focused in your mind as you direct your awareness to your health. Feel and experience a new, healthy energy beginning to flow into you as your nervous system becomes more stable and you become so much calmer and more relaxed than ever before.

All organs and systems of your body are functioning at higher levels as you direct your mind to improve your health and increase your energy levels. Your whole metabolism is becoming finely tuned to your individual needs. Your digestive system uses the food that you eat more effectively and you limit the quantities of food so that you're eating just the right amount of healthy, nutritious food that you require to give you proper nutrition. You desire only the foods that are good for you.

And because you are becoming so much calmer inside and so much more relaxed, your whole outlook on life is improving and you begin to take each day as it comes. You feel a sense of acceptance, a feeling of peace and serenity deep within you. You metabolism during your resting periods becomes much more natural and is adjusted for your relaxed state and because of all these improvements to your system, your heartbeat becomes steadier and your breathing becomes more natural because of the increased oxygen intake in your lungs.

And your entire nervous system begins to function more efficiently and effectively as your automatic nervous system, which controls your heart rate and your breathing without you even needing to be conscious of it doing so, is working in peace and harmony together.

Because of the improved nervous system your digestion and kidneys begin to function more effectively and you feel a tremendous improvement to your entire being. The blood supply to your vital organs such as your liver, your pancreas and your spleen will nourish these organs more effectively as all the chemistry in your body becomes more balanced and stable.

Your brain waves are becoming balanced and this indicates a more peaceful and restful nature and because of this you're sleeping more soundly and experiencing beautiful dreams. And when you wake up, you do so with a refreshed and invigorating feeling with full alertness.

And because of your improved biochemical and metabolic system, your general resistance to infections and diseases improves and your blood pressure is normal and you go about your day-to-day activities with a calm serenity.

The tone of your muscles improves and you have more energy and vitality with which to carry out your daily tasks and activities, your skin and your hair take on a healthy glow, which radiates out from within.

And all these things are beginning to take place deep within you, right now.

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