Enjoy Fruit and Vegetables Hypnosis Script

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Enjoy Fruit and Vegetables
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Are you or your client getting their 5 a day?

If they have an aversion to fruit and vegetables this can't be easy for them. Nutrition experts recommend that we eat five portions of fruit and vegetables each day to achieve optimum health, however many people say that they 'cannot stomach those foods'.

Most hypnotherapists will affirm that this way of thinking is called organ language. This is a generic way that many people communicate their feelings about something that brings up some issue from their past (perhaps without even realizing it).

How this Hypnosis Download script can Help

Hypnosis is a natural state that most of us enter every day - e.g. - just before we drift off to sleep (or first thing in the morning when we are in a 'half awake/half asleep state-of-mind').

Our mind is totally relaxed and we are able to accept suggestions - either negative or positive. This hypnosis script uses positive suggestions to help your client to feel and think differently about fruit and vegetables, perhaps even leaving them curious as to how different foods will taste so that before they know it - they will have a strong desire to try and enjoy the foods that nature offers in abundance.

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