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Corona  - Free Relaxation

Corona - Free Relaxation Script

Corona  - Free Relaxation
Corona - Free Relaxation hypnosis script ... Read more
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Firstly, breathe. You are in a safe place; you can breathe deeply and absorb the peace and security of your home.

The world has become a difficult place, but you are safe.

It is true that some people are dying, but most people will only be mildly affected. They will struggle for a short time, but then be able to take those deep calming breaths again. You know how those deep breaths help you to feel calm and safe.

Breathe deeply and feel that serenity fill your lungs and slowly flow through your body.

We have been told to self-isolate to keep us all safe.

This is not easy to do, as human beings we crave to be outside.

We crave freedom and the ability to do all that we want to, when we want to. In these times we need to change our perspective.

Imagine our lives have been reversed like the image in a mirror. We can view this life safely when we see it in the mirror, just as we are safe by self-isolating.

When we work, we crave time to be with our families, we want to spend time away from work.

For many of us, this is the one and only opportunity that we will be able to spend unlimited time to share with our partners and children, to see the tiny changes in our children that we usually miss.

If you live alone, you can share time on the telephone or online with friends and family, cherishing elderly relatives.

Please think of this as a very precious opportunity.

Feel the love of all those precious people surrounding you.

Hold on to that love and let it surround you like a snuggly blanket. Recognise and cherish this gift of time.

Our world is on pause, take a second to pause and calm your mind and body.

Most of us are not at work at the moment. We must stay at home to keep us and other people safe.

Money could be a worry, but you know that this situation will not continue forever.

The Government are trying to support all of us and everyone will receive money to survive. This is a difficult time, but we do not need the same level of finance if we are staying at home.

Think of the essentials in life, that is all we need right now.

The anxieties of our current situation may become very real for us.

We must focus on the truth that this is a temporary situation. Time will feel like it is passing by slowly but take the opportunity to breathe – take that deep calming breath and feel the peace flowing through your body.

This time is a gift - a chance to appreciate all we have. We miss so much when our lives are so busy and exhausting; take the time to listen to the birds in the garden and the breeze in the trees.

Hear the joy in the voices of friends and family when you call them to check everything is ok.

This is a time to strengthen and re-establish ties with the people in our lives.

We are not too busy to chat or tell that person "I love you".

You have the opportunity to learn something you have always wanted to.

There are lots of online opportunities at no cost.

Take a virtual tour of a famous museum like the Louvre, learn a new language, and check out your family tree.

This is the perfect time to embrace all those things you have never had the opportunity or time to before.

Just imagine the joy you will feel when you are able to give yourself the time to truly focus on you.

This will only be a short time and life will soon get back to normality.

Take yourself in your mind to a time when you are sat down in your home and watching the news. The prime minister has announced that the virus has peaked.

A short time after that the health secretary announces that no more cases of coronavirus have been reported.

Imagine the feeling of joy. Once again, take that breath and feel the peace fill your lungs and flow through your body. Breathe out and remove all stress from your body and mind.

The world health organisation makes a very positive statement and life will slowly return to normal.

Be proud of yourself because you followed all the rules and kept yourself and your loved ones safe.

You have shown love and compassion for your whole community.

We have united to become a stronger society.

Feel that strength within you.

Feel the strength flow through your muscles, moving from your arms through your core muscles to your legs.

Your body is renewed.

A week later you open your front door and slowly breathe in that beautiful fresh air.

Imagine the smell of flowers and that new unpolluted air.

Take a deep breath now and feel that fresh air filling your lungs. Your soul is renewed.

Imagine the joy and freedom of getting into your car or taking the bus and going somewhere you have been wanting to go to for a long time, maybe back to work, or to visit a friend, an elderly relative or even a day out.

Life is returning to normal and the world is a beautiful and safe place. Feel this new life filled with joy, peace and freedom.

Take a few deep breaths and know that life will return to normality. Feel the peace of our renewed and united society surround you.

© Mario Gauci, DHP Acc.Hyp and Michelle Rowberry.  Email: mghypnotherapy@gmail.com

Please note: this session is intended for relaxation purposes only. It is not a medical or therapeutic device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition or disease.

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