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Brain Tumor Relaxation

Brain Tumor Relaxation Script

Brain Tumor Relaxation
Brain Tumor Relaxation hypnosis script ... Read more
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I would suggest a full body relaxation for your induction with something along the lines of a creative visualization as a deepener of some description. Or perhaps a fractionation induction, to get as deep a trance as possible.
Begin with your favorite Induction and Deepener from Hypnotic World.

And you know (client's name) ever since the day you were born - you have learned and experienced something every moment of your life - and all those experiences have been stored away - at the back of your mind so to speak - and there is a very special unique part of you - your unconscious mind that has full access to all those mental images

And you can drift away in to your inner world - into that part of yourself - that remembers everything you have ever experienced -and as you begin to pay more attention to these inner realities - so you are becoming ever deeper relaxed - long - long forgotten delightful memories - of the past may come your way- long forgotten inner feelings of safety and security too - staying deeply relaxed - you may soon find your mind begins to wander - and it doesn't matter where you drift, where you go - my voice will go with you -will travel along with you - my voice can even take on the identity of someone else - someone you know - someone you can relate to - so that on an unconscious level I will always be with you - no matter where you are

And now (client's name) I'd like you to know that - one of the nicest things about hypnosis - is that in the trance state - you are capable of doing anything you care to bring to mind - in this wonderful relaxed trance state you can notice how - you are able to imagine any place or situation - like a favorite place you once visited on holiday or perhaps somewhere you'd like to go - and you can instantly be there - in your mind's eye so to speak - in hypnosis you can even make changes within yourself - like allowing yourself to feel positive about the future - or even utilizing your bodies natural defences - to help in the healing process - so that - when we are told something may take a certain length of time to heal - or may be difficult to heal at all - we can speak to that part of us dealing with the healing process - and we can use this ability to help our immune system become stronger and more capable - so that we can help our immune system to work alongside any other treatments and move the healing process along much more rapidly.

Imagine now if you will - or just get a sense - of the antibodies within you - your antibodies are the part of you that fights off disease and illness - and imagine these antibodies as tiny warrior soldiers

You can substitute your own or the client's preferred image.

And these soldiers are preparing to fight for you - to fight for you against the cancerous cells in your brain - see these soldiers now growing in number - and they outnumber the cancer cells by millions to one... growing stronger and more powerful by the second.

Imagine these powerful warrior soldiers now making their way to the site of your discomfort - taking care of any other problems or ailments on the way - now (clients name) I'd like you to imagine in a way that is most beneficial to you - your warrior soldiers attacking and destroying the cancerous cells - see them being destroyed powerfully, easily and effectively - leaving all the other healthy cells untouched - and you can take as long as you need to for this to be completed - and when you are finished you can let me know by a gentle nod of your head.

And now I'd like you to imagine a tiny ball of light at the site where those cancerous cells used to be - imagine this ball of light growing to the size of a golf ball - and from this ball of light you feel a soothing warmth - this is a healing white light - and this healing white light continues to grow now to the size of a tennis ball - the warmth and healing now beginning to spread throughout your brain - and as it becomes bigger and brighter so it spreads down throughout your entire body - just enjoy basking in the warmth of this wonderfully powerful healing white light - feelings of well-being and comfort now spreading throughout your entire being - just enjoy these feelings of warmth and relaxation for a few minutes.

And any time in the future when you are at home you can continue working with your warrior soldiers and this healing light - all you will need to do is become aware of a word you can use in the future to allow yourself to quickly drift down to a state of deep comfort and relaxation - even deeper and more comfortable than you feel right now - this can be any word of your choosing - and I'd like you to choose this word now - (pause) and you will only drift down in to this deep hypnotic trance state when you have chosen to do self-hypnosis and you are sitting or laying comfortably - you will take three slow deep breaths - breathing deeply and easily -and at the end of the third breath you will use your special word - instantly you find yourself drifting down quickly and easily in to a deep relaxing trance state - and this will continue to become even deeper each time - you can then allow your warrior soldiers to continue their work and allow the healing white light to strengthen and invigorate you...

Go to trance termination and allow the client to take themselves into hypnosis via their chosen trigger word as proof that they are able to.

One, two, three, four, five.

Please note: this session is intended for relaxation purposes only. It is not a medical or therapeutic device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition or disease.

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Lloyd Chalifoux
Lloyd Chalifoux
Jan 3rd, 2009 11:46

This is a beautiful script
I am working with someone with this problem
Now I have this extra tool I could use
Thank You


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"This is a beautiful script I am working with someone with this problem Now I have this extra tool I could use Thank You "
Lloyd Chalifoux
Jan 3rd, 2009
Jan 3rd, 2009
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