Nervous Twitch Relaxation Hypnosis Script

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Nervous Twitch Relaxation

A tic is a sudden motor event or sound created by the spasm of muscle groups. While tics are indeed repetitive they are random as opposed to rhythmic. There are a number of tics that are relatively common such as eye blinking, nasal inhalations, throat clearing, twitching at the mouth, grimacing, twitching at the eye, or general repetitive movements with the arms, shoulders, or hands note a few.

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Tics are described as semi-voluntary or involuntary according to the Tourette Syndrome Classification Study Group. While they aren't strictly involuntary tics may also be a voluntary response to an urge. Tics are unique because while they are suppressible they are also usually irresistible. Many individuals describe the urge as so irresistible it must eventually be expressed. This has been described as an urge similar to the need to yawn, sneeze, or scratch an itch. Preceding the urge there is as a build-up of tension which they then release. It feels as if they had to do it. The actual tic provides a temporary relief of tension just like the satisfaction of scratching an itch.

Many nervous tics are the result of underlying psychological stress that is deeply suppressed. Often nervous tics develop after experiencing an extreme psychological problem or emotional trauma. Stress, tiredness, or high energy emotions may cause an increase in tics. This includes increases in negative emotions like anxiety or anger and positive emotions like excitement or anticipation.

People experiment with countless methods before they find one that calms their nerves, to 'self-comfort.' During infancy this might be sucking on a pacifier. In adulthood it might be chewing on a pencil. It is school-age children that are observed to be particularly susceptible to nervous habits like tics. For the most part these habits rarely pose any true a physical or psychological threat. When nervous tics first arise they can often be controlled. But if the problem continues over time they can become automatic and in some cases persist into adulthood.

Deciding to treat nervous tics or not depends on whether they interfere with the individual's life functions. If the tics are making it difficult for a person to socialize or otherwise live a normal, happy life, it may be time to address the problem. Nervous twitches or spasms can make life remarkably uncomfortable. Experiencing the muscle spasm day and day out and even sometimes while asleep is interfering enough. To compound the problem this tic may become especially prevalent during times of high stress. That includes events like first dates and job interviews.

Hypnotic World offers a hypnosis script aimed at providing relaxation for nervous ticks. This script redoubles on the suggestions for complete and total relaxation. This script is so powerful because it slips in an additional deepener and test. This additional layer employs ideomotor testing to ensure the deepest level of hypnotic state.

After achieving the most open and detached state of hypnosis this nervous tic hypnosis script uses kinaesthetic cues and emotive language to develop an association to a recent disturbing tic experience. From within this extra layer of awareness this hypnosis script then establishes an emotive bridge from this event to the event of origin by casting back through time in the subconscious memory. By asking clients to, "allow yourself now to remember a time when those facial twitches began to occur," this nervous tic hypnosis script identifies the underlying psychological conflict.

This nervous tic hypnosis script transforms the past influence of this trigger event. After that this script provides cues and suggestions designed to teach clients to self-soothe. This helps put them in the right state of mind for relaxing with any residual elements of habit that may still inspire the tic despite the identification of the root cause.

By addressing both aspects of conditioning this nervous tic hypnosis script provides a wonderful tool to help clients overcome nervous tic. The success of hypnosis depends largely on the impact of the words that are used and how they affect the mind. Accomplish as much as possible to address your client's nervous tic using this hypnosis script.

Please note: this session is intended for relaxation purposes only. It is not a medical or therapeutic device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition or disease.

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