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Insomnia Relaxation Hypnosis Script

Insomnia Relaxation Hypnosis Script
Woman trying to sleep (Photo by © andriano_cz - stock.adobe.com)

Whilst taking your client's case history I feel it would be a good choice to get a detailed description of their bedroom for the following suggestions.

Contra-indications - if client is unhappy in their bedroom then do not use their description of room for the visualization.

Begin with your favourite induction and deepener from Hypnotic World.

And now (client's name) I would like you to imagine or just to become aware of yourself going down a softly carpeted stairway.

And these are strong steps with a firm hand rail - and as I count down from ten to one - so you are walking down this staircase - moving down deeper and deeper - in to a peaceful relaxed state.

So ready now - ten - and you are taking that first step down - nine - another step down deeper and deeper - eight - seven - six - and deeper still -five - four - three -deeper and deeper - two - one.

And in front of you now is a room - and you recognize this room as being here just for you - you enter this room.

You slowly look around (Describe room from client's case history if appropriate)

Everything about this room feels just right for you - just the right furniture - and decor - and the lighting is perfect - just the way you like it.

And the bed looks so wonderfully inviting - and you know it is here just for you - you decide to lie down on the bed - and just enjoy how comfortable it feels - you slide under the covers and snuggle down feeling the pillow moulding itself to the contours of your head.

You sense that this is a place where you can sleep as much as you want - any time you need to.

You begin to feel a pleasant drowsiness taking over - feeling sleepier and sleepier with every moment that passes - drifting down in to a deep relaxing sleep - deeper and more comfortable than you have felt in a long long time.

And of course anytime in the future that you want or need to rest and enjoy deep restful sleep - all you need to do is lie down in your bed - make yourself nice and comfortable - take three deep relaxing breaths.

And at the end of each breath you're saying the word - sleeeeep (draw word out) and at the end of the third breath you will find that you are almost unable to finish saying the word sleeeeep as you drift off to this wonderful room that is here just for you - in to an even deeper feeling of calm sleepiness than your feeling right now.

And of course as you do this more and more over the coming days, weeks and months so you will find yourself drifting to a deeper and deeper level of relaxation awaking each and every morning refreshed, relaxed and looking forward to the day ahead.

Go to trance termination.

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