Overcome Bulimia Hypnosis Script

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Overcome Bulimia

Bulimia is a common eating disorder characterized by binge eating and compensatory purging including self-induced vomiting, use of laxatives or other behaviors such as fasting or excessive exercise. One of the few things experts agree on when it comes to bulimia is that the disorder itself is a paradox. Bulimia sufferers focus on controlling the body to compensate for uncontrolled binges to gain a much needed feeling of self-esteem. However exerting control over the body is a poor substitute for the ability to wield true control in life.

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In the early 1900s Pierre Janet was perhaps the first to document his use of hypnotherapy to address eating disorders based on the fact that hypnosis was effective in treating underlying problems of self-confidence, low self-esteem, stress, and depression. These days Newsweek, Pediatric Nursing, and University of Maryland Medical Center are reporting how hypnosis has been a successful part of a program for treatment of eating disorders. Hypnosis has the potential to not only strengthen self-confidence but it can help those under stress learn to cope better. Reduced stress levels contribute to healthier eating habits, improved body image, and greater self-esteem.

A 1988 article in the International Journal of Eating Disorders noted three basic elements to successful hypnotherapeutic treatment for bulimia; body relaxation, reducing external sensory stimuli, and suggestions that inspire behavioral changes. Hypnotic World bulimia scripts include all these elements and more.

Because of the paradoxical nature of the disorder this bulimia hypnosis script uses a combination of direct and indirect suggestions. Because of the client's special need for control this hypnosis script for bulimia invites clients to create a personal (sacred) space within using guided imagery to enhance the visualization ability of hypnotic trance.

During their visualization clients are presented with a 'fork in the road' metaphor which essentially puts control for overcoming the disease in the client's hands. This puts the body systems to work re-calibrating based on with 'new' information.

Both direct and indirect therapeutic suggestions are aimed at providing a safe and comfortable environment to enable the client to stabilize weight. Indirect suggestions also help to restructure the client's attitude toward food and help them complete any unfinished developmental tasks.

This bulimia hypnosis script also engages positive visualizations designed to associate food with pleasant memories to balance consumption. The metaphoric imagery of the cross roads offers clients a visual way to influence changes based on choice. On a different scale imagery is also engaged in this bulimia hypnosis script to improve self-perception for example experiencing a body with "curves in just the right places."

More direct suggestions are aligned with maintaining a healthy body and increasing food intake. More general suggestions that inspire the client to feel better and better every day enhance their sense of effectiveness in the world helping them feel less out of control. This hypnosis script also uses positive post-hypnotic suggestions for healthy nutrition and positive self-image.

The script uses the direct access to the subconscious available during hypnosis to plant ideas designed to help clients overcome their resistance to change. The underlying emotional conflicts that contribute to the development of eating disorders are subjective. The general goal of this hypnosis script is to help patients develop feelings of control or even mastery over their thoughts and actions.

Given the high hypnotisability of most bulimic clients the use of hypnosis is very appropriate for counteracting bulimia symptoms, strengthening the ego, and restructuring cognitive behaviors. Hypnosis is an effective adjunct to any treatment program for bulimia enabling clients to experience success quickly and without complication. Each happy, successful client is a living breathing recommendation for your services and our scripts.

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